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President's Message — June 2021

By: Bruno Duarte, CTA | Jun 23, 2021


“Yes, there were times, I’m sure you know when I bit off more than I could chew, but through it all when there was doubt, I ate it up and spit it out, I faced it all, and I stood tall and did it my way.”  Frank Sinatra, My Way.

What a year it has been, and as I sit here drafting my final ‘Letter from the President.' I can’t help replaying “I Did It My Way” over and over in my head. No one ever told me or warned me that my term as chapter president would be what I experienced. From the beginning, plans for my first in-person retreat quickly changed to a virtual experience, something new to all of us. Then, our goals to meet in-person during the summer of 2020 where challenged, requiring immediate and last-minute changes.

However, during a tumultuous year, the one thing I can count on and was the constant ‘steady’ of my term was the amazing board of directors that agreed to join me on this wild ride. Through it all, they never missed a beat. While many of them dealt with their struggles during uncertain times, I was blown away by their commitment to delivering on their service to the board, and to all of you in our chapter, they all truly love and care about you. This was a commitment not only to the board but a commitment to all of you, our members.

I want to take a moment to express all my personal appreciation and gratitude to every single board member. You are all an inspiration not only to me but to this chapter. Your countless hours behind the scenes, balancing personal life with board life, and sailing the uncharted waters of COVID, were done with class, integrity, courage, fearlessness, and devotion. I could not have asked for a better group of professionals to stand next to. You all have so much to be proud of and have contributed to the legacy of MPIOC. Not just from the bottom of my heart, but from every part of it, thank you so much! I also want to thank the countless volunteers, past board members, committee members and past presidents who paved the way for us to sustain and operate this chapter during an unexpected year. I praise and thank you for setting us up for success and striving to deliver on education and a promise of helping our members.

Of course, a chapter is nothing without its members, and this past year, we truly grew to appreciate all of you more than ever. Just as the board did, we know you all also had personal struggles, some taking you on different paths, professionally and personally. To everyone involved in MPI who continue to support our chapter, I want to thank you and cannot wait till I can one day shake all your hands (or elbow bump if you wish.) I dedicate this past term to all of you. At the end of the day, I can truly say, it’s not about titles; it’s about making decisions and choices for the betterment of our members. Although many of my ideas were unable to happen, I still hope I represented you well, and made you all proud.

Just as the beginning of this song, “And now the end is near, so I face the final curtain. My friend, I’ll say it clear, I’ll state my case of which I’m certain.” What I, Bruno Duarte, am certain about is — to the best of my ability — I remained committed to executing the oath I took as your president. I was dedicated to giving my best to MPIOC and stepping out of my comfort zone. I took inspiration from the fearless Arlene Sheff, who I hope is watching down with pride, not only for me but the chapter she loved so much. Just like my beloved Broadway, I hope I delivered a lasting show that you all will remember with musical numbers of education and duets with speakers that brought you something new or something to think about. 

And as I take my final bow, I am certain that, “I faced it all and through it all, I did it my way.”

Thank you!
Bruno Duarte, CTA

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MPI Orange County, President

**All quotes are from the song ‘I Did It My Way’ sung by Frank Sinatra, written by Paul Anka.


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Bruno Duarte, CTA





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