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Share Your Ideas With Us! - April 2021

By: Michelle Sais, CMP | Apr 7, 2021

michelle_sais_2020There are so many ways to communicate these days, for example, some ways are through written communication via emails, texts and posts on social media.  Our chapter communications team works hard to keep you informed with all the latest info regarding our local chapter, global and industry news and events. Did you know we send out communication through several different channels such as youtube, facebook, instagram and Linked-in? If you have not liked, connected or followed us yet, be sure to do so today!

We receive business or personal information through several channels; here are some quick social media statistics ….  

  • Facebook - More active monthly users than any one country’s population. 1.4 billion daily users, and 2.13 billion monthly ones, with 25-34 year olds being the biggest segment for US users
  • Instagram – A billion users, 500 million of them are active everyday and 71% of Americans between 18 – 24 use this network
  • Linkedin – 9% of American users check Linkedin at least once a day, 12% check linkedin several times a day

*references: hootsuite.com - social media. 2020

Where do you fall in with these statistics?  The communications team is always open to new ideas and fresh creative minds. If you enjoy posting on social media, creative writing, or have no experience at all, but interested in learning more why not join the communications team.  Learn and grow professionally and personally.  

Reach out to Michele Sais with questions, interests, suggestions, or just to say hi and thanks.  We are here to share, highlight and inform you, our members, with what your interests are!

Michelle Sais, CMP
MPIOC Social Media & PR Director

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Michelle Sais, CMP





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