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January Webinar Month: Featuring #metoo Movement & Events & 3 Pre-Recorded Webinars

January 16, 2019
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Ottawa, ON
MPI Ottawa Chapter

It’s back! MPI Ottawa’s popular January “Webinar Month” is back with a great mix of live and pre-recorded webinars to help you build your CMP credits.  Whether you’re in the office or working remotely, stay in, stay warm, sit back and join us for MPI Ottawa Webinar Days. These complimentary Education Sessions are being offered to current members.

Live Webinar: “#metoo Movement & Events”
Wednesday, January 16, 2019 from 12:00 – 1:00 pm
1 Hour Domain G: Meeting or Event Design

*This webinar has been allotted an hour in CMP time.

We are pleased to have Anne Thornley-Brown, MSW, MBA, President of Executive Oasis International, facilitate an interactive webinar to help meeting professionals understand the impact of the #metoo movement on the meetings and events industry. Aided by the #metoo hashtag to bring awareness to the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace, the MeToo movement spread virally through social media in October 2017.

During this 1-hour live webinar, participants will learn how to:

  • set the tone and climate for equality
  • brief participants regarding expected and appropriate behaviour
  • create harassment free (sexual and racial) zones at meetings and events
  • avoid practice that create a “poison” work environment in which sexual misconduct thrives
  • eliminate practices in marketing and at exhibitions that degrade women
  • reduce the impact of overconsumption of alcohol
  • respond to complaints about racial incidents, sexual harassment or sexual assault at events

Anne will share examples from other industries including a code of conduct that can be read at the beginning of the events, meetings and conferences and she will discuss how to equip participants with the tools and resources they need to report or seek out assistance if they run into issues at events.

Although this is a complimentary webinar, registration is required in order for you to obtain a reminder and the call-in details required. Please register here:

Pre-Recorded Webinars

We have selected some pre-recorded webinars available through the MPI Academy to gain knowledge on trending topics in the meetings and events industry and to obtain CMP hours. These can be accessed at any time at your convenience.

The following MPI Academy pre-recorded webinars, have been selected with an eye to strategic planning when working with venues on contracts, cost containment and budgeting, and food and beverage trends.

You’ll need your MPI membership login information to download these webinars at no cost.

Strategic Hotel Contracts: Plan & Think Before You Ink
1 Hour Domain D: Financial Management

Hotel contracts are complicated, but are a must to define responsibilities and make mutual obligations perfectly clear. In the Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) landscape, hotel contract risk mitigation has become an important metric. In this interactive workshop, attendees will discuss a multitude of topics on methods to negotiate contracts that assure added meeting value, cost savings and risk mitigation, including dispute resolution.

Learner Outcomes

  • Discuss industry trends and variables that impact hotel contract negotiations
  • Review key hotel contract performance clauses and risk reduction and cost containment methods
  • Learn dispute resolutions strategies in the event of non-performance (by either party)

Download this MPI on-demand webinar here:

Art of the Deal: Hotel and Contract Negotiations:  
1 Hour Domain D: Financial Management

Hotel contract risk reduction and cost containment have become an important metric in the Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) landscape. In this interactive workshop, we will address industry issues and trends that impact planner / hotelier negotiations, including specific methods to validate and report contract risk mitigation. Additionally, we will review key hotel contract performance clauses and methods to calculate damages. Attendees will also learn the pros and cons of utilizing a hotel contract addendum vs. a custom hotel contract process (ready for signature) and methods to create a cost savings / risk reduction / cost containment report, by meeting.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Understand industry issues and trends that impact hotel and contract negotiations.
  • Examine key hotel contract performance clauses and specific methods to assure risk reduction / cost containment
  • Know the essential components of a cost savings, risk reduction, cost containment report.

Download this MPI on-demand webinar here:

Food for Thought:  2018 Trends in Menu Design
1 Hour Domain G: Meeting or Event Design

Food and wellness-based meetings trends are transitory by nature; however, over the past several decades, we have seen an unprecedented increase in health-orientated foods that are driving consumer spend and cross-sector operations. Discover the trends that are shaping conference food and beverage from a comprehensive survey of IACC conference venues, meeting planners and culinary experts around the globe, and how those trends can help you rethink the ways you feed your attendees.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Discover the latest and greatest catering ideas from venues across the globe.
  • Learn how meeting professionals are using meals and menus to prepare audiences for learning, engagement and business.
  • Find out how you can better utilize F&B to maximize the event experience.

Download this MPI on-demand webinar here:

Breaking Barriers:  Budget and cost-saving strategies
1 Hour Domain A: Strategic Planning

The combination of the great recession and the Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) initiative have increased senior management’s expectations for improved planner productivity, meeting value and ROI. Although SMM delivers an umbrella of measurable benefits, cost savings remains a high priority for corporate and association planning teams. In the meeting budget and cost savings strategies webinar, review specific methods to generate real cost savings, including metrics to define and measure results.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Understand industry issues and trends that impact value-based negotiations.
  • Review key cost savings strategies, including room rates, concessions, F & B and audio visual and internet / technology support services.
  • Learn methods to create value formulas and metrics to define, measure and report success.

Download this MPI on-demand webinar here:

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