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Member Spotlight - Pat Guay

Member Spotlight MPI50

By: Elodie Lortal, CMP, DES | Jul 6, 2022

Pat Guay, Honors Bachelor of Commerce (Sports Administration)
Account Executive      
Québec City Business Destination (May 2018)
Joined MPI in 2018

Linked In: Pat Guay


How have you benefited from having a membership with MPI Ottawa?

Membership in MPI Ottawa has allowed me to meet influential, professional planner members very quickly. Helping me to establish relationships quickly with some amazing people has been a huge plus that comes as a result of being a member.


Why did you decide to join MPI Ottawa?

For me, joining MPI was a no-brainer! How lucky are we to have an association that brings together people of varied backgrounds that are all focused on one thing? Ensuring that the client’s experience is memorable and of value.

What would say to someone that was unsure about joining MPI Ottawa?

Joining MPI Ottawa gives you instant access to professionals that are eager to share, to educate, to help, to collaborate with, to give you great advice…How many reasons would you need? I am new to this part of the industry. Being a supplier member has allowed me to meet a lot of people in our industry very quickly. I could not have integrated into the industry so quickly without MPI Ottawa. And on top of that, I always feel super welcome when I go to MPI Ottawa events. It’s like coming home everytime!


How did you get where you are today?

I am lucky to follow such a well-worn path! A lot of great people have helped me along the way. Whether it be coaches, friends, teachers, professors or colleagues. They have all taken turns keeping me out of the ditch! My mom and my best friend Ian were always in my corner — even when they shouldn’t have been. You can count friends like that on one hand. My work partner, Lynn Chiasson, has also been a huge help in getting me involved in this community.  


What makes you good at what you do?

I try to surround myself with people who know more than I do. Fortunately, that’s not hard! I try to ask a lot of questions, just to be sure that I am running in the right direction. I try to get to know the person before we discuss business needs. I always try to understand the other person’s point of view. Making sure that what I propose will fulfill the person’s needs.

Tell us about a career highlight or biggest achievement.

Changing career paths at 50+. Most people thought I was crazy. But it’s time to move forward when you are no longer learning anything new. Even more important, it’s time to leave when you are no longer having fun. Making the change from the resort industry to my DMO role is the best decision I ever took. “Fear is temporary, but regret is permanent”. Describes me well. Never go to work backwards.


Last words

Those who know me, know I don’t have last words. I never shut-up! But what a great opportunity to thank all of you who have helped me in my job. I owe you everything!

Cynthia Headshot Article edited by Cynthia Beaudin, Canada Foundation for Innovation




EL Headshot
Elodie Lortal, CMP, DES
Catering Coordinator at National Arts Centre

📢 I am a bilingual meetings and events coordinator who helps clients and organizations to plan their events in one of our five unique meeting spaces. The National Arts Centre is an ideal Ottawa venue for virtual, hybrid, or in-person events.


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