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Member Spotlight - T’keyah Riley

Member Spotlight MPI50

By: T’keyah Riley | Aug 4, 2022

Name and Designations: T’keyah Riley 
Position: Receptionist
Employer: VOCO Oxford Thames Hotel 
Joined MPI: March 2021

Contact Information: 
Linked In: Tkeyah Riley

TKeyah Headshot

Why did you decide to join MPI Ottawa?

When I originally joined MPI it was just as the pandemic shut everything down and I could no longer attend in person classes or work different events. I joined to stay a part of the event community to continue building in that realm.

MPI Group Pic

What is your favorite event organized by MPI Ottawa?

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the ability to attend any in person MPI events as a member just yet. However, I regularly attended the DIY coffee talk events and those were great to be a part of.

It consists of a mixture of connecting and networking while discussing industry topics or simply sharing industry knowledge.

What do you like the most about MPI Ottawa?

With MPI you can get a lot out of it. One of the best things and what I believe to be the most important is that MPI is constantly growing and developing ways for its members to connect and build relationships with one another.

What would you say to someone that was unsure about joining MPI Ottawa?

MPI is more than a networking tool. MPI is a community within a community. There are so many different aspects, different branches all filled with people giving their best. With all the different ways to contribute, you’re receiving so much knowledge, mentors, friends and experience. You’ll also be providing your spin on things.

Being a part of MPI gives and takes, if you use it to its full potential, you’ll be surrounded by people who will help you reach yours.

How has having this membership helped being part of the Ottawa meeting community?

Moving to Ottawa I didn’t know anyone or do much of anything. When I joined even with the pandemic in full swing, I was a part of something. I was more involved than I was prior. I can honestly say that MPI has been the biggest part of living in Ottawa and easily one of the greatest.

How did you get where you are today?

While I haven’t ‘climbed up the ladder’ in my career just yet, I have enjoyed ‘traveling within my career’ that I wished to experience. I have changed cities and with each experience I have learned a lot. I haven’t let delays or obstacles stop me from going for what I want. If I had not seized opportunities, I wouldn’t be seeing the world right now nor growing and bettering myself professionally and personally.

What makes you good at what you do?

When it comes to my job or events I plan outside of my job. I stay levelheaded in situations regarding every aspect from angry guests to last minute changes. I’ve learned that in this industry an analytical approach can make a difference in times of panic and stress.

I pride myself on working to be the best I can be in every aspect. I strive to have the knowledge or know where I can obtain the knowledge needed to be able to assist colleagues and clients. Striving to have knowledge is what makes me good at what I do because it allows me to continue to grow, to progress. There’s always another step to take and I intend to take them.

What is an industry tool you could not live without?

I couldn’t live without these two software solutions: Canva and Airtable.

  • Canva makes it so easy to create amazing designs for any form of multimedia from Instagram to flyers.
  • Airtable is a more organized version of excel and it has made planning so many different aspects of events easier.

Last words

While being part of MPI I have been able to be creative and grow and to be a part of something outside of the regular day to day. It has provided an outlet and as I continue with MPI, I hope to never lose what makes it enjoyable for not only myself but for everyone that takes part now and in the future.

Darlene HeadshotArticle edited by Darlene Kelly-Stewart, Stonehouse Sales & Marketing Services



TKeyah Headshot
T’keyah Riley
Receptionist at voco Oxford Thames Hotel


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