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Meetings now post COVID and the perception of wanting to get back together as a group


By: Kimberly Schalch | Nov 3, 2022

I feel like the extended season of groundhog’s day may be coming to a 2-year close. You know- putting things on the books and taking them off the shortly thereafter due to a COVID flare or some other concern. With the looming “what ifs” or general corporate fear of things getting back to normal (and that perception), how does a company effectively integrate the whole office for a celebration, a team engagement event or training? 

Dave & Buster’s is finding the requests for proposals and general interest is now flat to 2019 numbers. The “want” to plan is there, but the conversion to closed business is left pending for an extended period. It is taking 3 to 4 times longer to close than in 2019 as we are hearing that planners are waiting for the go ahead from I am sure a committee of people advising on the topic. Was this committee there in 2019? Possibly there to financially to approve- but not to advise on all the what ifs that are now coming along with hosting an event. What if someone gets sick? What will people think if we bring people to celebrate together but not to work full time in the office? What will the team dynamic be face to face as we haven’t been like that for 2+ years… and so on. 

Day to day duties are easy to pull off if the team is remote or working in a hybrid atmosphere. But what I feel companies are starting to realize is this atmosphere lends to more stress and potential burn out of their employees. There has been a demand for in person meetings and trainings. Our ½ day or one meal meetings have increased. Basically, bringing the team together face to face for a short period of time then releasing them back to their WFH or hybrid atmosphere. This approach allows the company to see how outside events are perceived by the group and the leaders of the company. From there, the decision to host more can be made.

As a brand, we have pivoted numerous times as restrictions released throughout the past two year. We currently still host Virtual Teambuilding if needed but we have also updated our Teambuilding for those that want to get together for a little fun! The feedback from planners has been very positive as their team was more united when returning to WFH or hybrid work. During this upcoming holiday season, we are seeing budgets higher than ever. Is this because they haven’t been hosting events for the past few years? Maybe. Or are they willing to spend more to close out the facility for their group privately for security? Either way it is lucrative and fun to plan events again! 

To virtually experience a D&B corporate fun event click here!  D&B Teambuilding Experience


Kimberly Schalch
District Sales Manager, Mid-Atlantic Region at Dave & Buster’s


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