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Showcase Your Virtual Services or Venue!


Showcase Your Virtual Services or Venue!

Looking for an opportunity to showcase your virtual services or venue to meeting and event industry professionals in the Greater Philadelphia region? Now is your chance! With today’s local meeting guidelines in mind, we are looking for partners who can help support us in producing our virtual events to close out the remainder of the year while keeping an eye on the future and helping us to plan for what’s to come. We see this year bringing about the opportunity for hybrid solutions as we eagerly await the return of the in-person meeting.

By providing the setting for our virtual, in-person or hybrid events, your company will have the opportunity to showcase their virtual expertise or venue. Host partners receive other benefits like advertising and more! In a time of social distancing, our ideal partners are those who can help us communicate with our chapter members, exchange information but most importantly, stay connected with one another.

 If any of these opportunities are of interest to you, reach out to our Venue Procurement Team today to learn more. Please send proposals and inquiries to venueprocurement@mpiphl.org.  MPI PHL looks forward to receiving your proposal and to a future partnership with your platform or venue.

Thank you!


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