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MPISD Professional Development Fireside Chat: Brand & Event Marketing with Melissa Rosenthal

January 25, 2022
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

It’s a New Year, and NOW is the time to kick off 2022 strong, by elevating your marketing to the next level.

Join us for a fireside chat and marketing deep dive with Melissa Rosenthal. Hear her tips and strategies for marketing success no matter your budget. She’ll share her stories (successes, surprises, and lessons along the way) from her time at Buzzfeed, and from her current role as CCO at ClickUp – plus tips for setting strategic goals, and scaling your marketing efforts.

Topics include:
- How to articulate your "Why"
- How to make your message standout from the competion and from all the noise
- How effective marketing translates into return
- How to enhance your productivity and actually get time back in your day.

It's an investment to join us for the event - your time, your ticket, your attention - and a whole lot of other things you could be doing.

Here’s why you need to be there:

-Because we think this investment in yourself and your education is going to pay off.
-Because you're going to hear from the Creative Force behind one of the biggest and fastest growing tech companies out there (that just so happens to be headquartered in San Diego!)
-Because this is the best way to kick-off your year and your marketing efforts strong.
-Because all your friends will be there.
-Because you really can't afford to miss it.

Reasons not to come:

-You don't have ANY room for improvement in your marketing strategies.
-You don't really care about the latest/greatest trends in marketing that your peers are successfully deploying.
-You're ok with using the same ole marketing tactics your grandparents did. 

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