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Dear MPI San Diego Chapter Members,

I am deeply honored to step into the role of President and embark on a transformative journey with each and every one of you. As we begin this new chapter together, I want to share the overarching themes that will guide our path to success: PEOPLE, PROCESS, and PERFORMANCE.

At the core of our chapter are the PEOPLE - you, our dedicated and talented members. Together, we form a vibrant community of meeting professionals, united by our passion for creating exceptional experiences. Let's make a conscious effort to connect and grow our professional network within MPI San Diego and beyond. As we support one another, we become a powerful force, raising the bar for excellence in our industry.

As we progress, we recognize the importance of optimizing our PROCESSES. We all lead busy lives, and simplifying our workflows ensures that we can achieve more with less effort. As a board, we'll focus on enhancing our operational efficiency, effective communication, and embracing innovation. Let's also challenge ourselves within our individual roles to identify opportunities for improvement, fostering a culture of continuous development and growth.

Finally, let's channel the spirit of PERFORMANCE in everything we do. Our meetings are like rehearsals, refining our skills and fine-tuning our performances. But when it's showtime - whether it's planning events or executing projects -let's go full-out. Let's think outside the box, be bold, and be supportive of one another. Just as actors on stage support each other during improv, we'll be there to assist and encourage, leaving no one behind.

Together, with PEOPLE at the heart of our endeavors, embracing streamlined PROCESSES, and delivering stellar PERFORMANCE, we will elevate the standard of excellence for MPI San Diego Chapter. This journey will be rewarding, challenging, and undoubtedly filled with memorable moments.

Here's to a remarkable term ahead!

Warm regards,
Tina Marie Honor

President, Meeting Professionals International San Diego Chapter


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"MPISD is the go-to meetings industry association dedicated to offering quality education, business opportunities and professional development."


- Peggy Jewell, MPI San Diego Chapter, Past President

MPI Chapter Membership Population

Planners: 60
Suppliers: 77
Students: 65
Faculty: 5
Other: 6



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