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Hello, my fellow MPI SFL Chapter Members,

Accepting this prestigious position as President of your South Florida Chapter of MPI is one of my greatest honor engaging in the hospitality and event industry for more than half of my life from New York to South Florida. It is humbling, and although I have been coined as putting the “FUN” in FUNction, I take this role very seriously and will continue to keep our gatherings engaging and FUN, with a combination of the absolute best networking, special events, and educational experiences. 

I want to thank all of you for continuing your membership and engagement with our chapter. Our industry has been through its ups and downs these past few years and I want you to know how valuable MPI has been through those peaks and valleys. Our immediate past President, Tracy Wallach has been my greatest mentor and I look forward to continuing her legacy! I have huge shoes to fill! 

We have an extremely dedicated board of directors. I call them the “Team of Champions”! We cannot do this alone. We need you, as the members, to give us insight. We want to engage with all of you and find out YOUR ‘why’. Why are you a part of MPI? Why are you in the industry? These discussions will help us in reshaping and re-imaging our offerings & benefits as we grow the MPI South Florida Chapter.

With that being said, I encourage you all to engage with us. Join a committee, volunteer and put into MPI what you want out of MPI.  Connect with us on  all of our social media platforms. Give us a vision of what you would like to see with MPI. How can we make MPI South Florida Chapter  the best organization within our industry?

I look forward to engaging with you all over the next year and learning your why, and sharing mine.


Jeff Gold

 Jeff Gold

2023-2024 MPISFL Chapter President
Educate – Innovate – Connect – Grow

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