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Staging and Backdrops- How to Catch Your Audience’s Eye!

By: Francesca Radabaugh | Jun 5, 2018

When you think of captivating the utmost attention of your audience, what comes to mind? Of course, those of us that are “experts” in the industry would first ask, “well, what type of event are you talking about?” But, what if we were just talking in general? Some might think the food, the educational segment, the content of the meeting/conference, or maybe even the eye-catching furniture and linens. Sometimes, though, we forget the focal point. How many times have you been to a presentation or a meeting that’s just…boring? Other than the new notepad and bowl of strange generic candy, what have they done to draw your attention to the front of the room from the get-go? Forget the keynote speaker and wooden podium, if they haven’t intrigued you from the beginning, chances are that you’ve already significantly lost interest and are doodling on the empty pages of that new notebook.

Of course, it’s understandable that budget does not always allow for the newest LED lectern with a wall to wall scenic piece and custom branding, but there’s always something they could do, right? Consider just plain white pipe and drape with a few uplights and you’ll be shocked at the difference! Maybe adding a stage for that wooden lectern with at least a valance around the presentation screen would enhance the appearance of what is about to come. The visibility provided by the staging (for not only the audience, but the speaker as well) will make the impact that much more affective.

Aside from staging, how do we draw in our guests? A colorful and engaging backdrop really sets the tone for that event as a whole. There are many trending ways to do so…i.e Pipe and Drape, Scenic Elements, LED Drape, Fabric Walls, Gobos, Projections, and Video Mapping to name a few. There’s also many ways to add in logos and branding. Consider customizing each event to make it unique and memorable, so that your attendees take away even more than you anticipated.

Catching the eye of your audience doesn’t mean you have to break budget or even rack your brain trying to come up with ideas. There are many professionals that are eager to help and full of unique ideas to transform your event to the next level. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and switch things up next time. Chances are, you (and your audience) will be glad that you did!




Francesca Radabaugh

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