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Revision Date: January 2019




MPIVISION: To be the first choice for professional career development and a prominent voice for the global meeting and event community.


MPI MISSION: To provide MPI members, chapters and the global meeting and event community with innovative and relevant education, networking opportunities and business exchanges, and to act as a prominent voice for the promotion and growth of the industry.






1.1        MEMBERSHIP QUALIFICATIONS, CLASSIFICATIONS, TRANSFER AND DUES:  Shall be as described in the current MPI Global Bylaws and Policy Manual.  Any member in good standing of MPI is eligible to affiliate with a Chapter regardless of geographic area or location of business.  Reference MPI Policies Article lll, Sections 1-4 and Article VI, Section 1-4.


1.2          PREMIERE MEMBERSHIP: Members that are Premiere Members will receive the following benefits in addition to their global and chapter benefits. Personal notification about discounts for registration, 10% discount on web advertising, badge designation, profile to highlight in the Chapter Communication.






2.1       CHAPTER TRANSFER: Preferred or Premier Members may transfer their primary chapter at any time through MPI Global. Membership remains continuous unless expired. Preferred or Premier Members are to receive member rates for all MPI events even when the event is not associated with their primary chapter.


2.2       AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP: A MPITBA Affiliate member may volunteer with their primary chapter as well as the MPITBA Chapter. Affiliate Members may establish membership with a $75 affiliate membership fee and receive all chapter member benefits. Chapter benefits include access to the membership database, the opportunity to be a volunteer on a committee as well as serving as a Committee Chair. Affiliate members may not serve on the Board of Directors.  






1.1       CONFLICT OF INTEREST: All board members are required to review, sign and adhere to the chapter conflict of interest statement provided by MPI Global and return it to the chapter President prior to being installed on the board.


1.2       PRINCIPLES IN PROFESSIONALISM: Chapter Board members must adhere to the Principles in Professionalism as outlined by MPI Global.


1.3       CHAPTER BOARD REPORTS: Board of Directors are required to submit a board report by the 5th day of each month unless otherwise dictated by the President to the Chapter Administrator. The Board Reports are to report on Business Plans, Agenda Items and budget status. The Board Reports will then be placed in a Board Packet by the Chapter Administrator to be sent to the President for approval. Once Approved the Board Packet will be sent to the Board of Directors for review no later than the 10th day of each month unless otherwise dictated by the President. Board Reports and Packets are to be reviewed by the entire board prior to the Board Meeting. If there are any agenda items that someone would like to add they must be requested to the President no later than 48hrs prior to the meeting.


1.4       MPI GLOBAL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: Chapters are required to submit annually (by June 15th) to MPI Global the following documents as part of the annual planning process; Annual Business Plan, Budget, 18 month Education Calendar, Marketing Plan/Calendar, Succession Plan, Current & Updated Bylaws and Policy Manual. Additionally chapters must submit these documents as outlined in bylaws or policies a copy of annual tax return by October 1st. Confirmation that all incoming board members attended their Board 101 training and signed their conflict of interest statements.


1.5          Absences:  The President or any member of the executive committee may ask the board to vote on the removal of a board member who misses more than two (2) unexcused Board of Director Meetings and Retreats consecutively or three (3) meetings within a fiscal year. To be an “excused” absence the Board Member must notify the President and Chapter Administrator in advance that they are unable to attend the meeting, submit a Board Report, review the Board Packet, have a member of their team report on their behalf and review meeting minutes post meeting. If a Board Members has the above listed unexcused absences this vote should be called during the second consecutive or third missed meeting during the fiscal year, prior to adjournment of the meeting.  Any Board member that would like to speak on the status of the individual in question may do so prior to the vote.


1.6          BOARD MEETINGS: Board meetings will be published on the chapter website and any MPITBA Chapter member in good standing may attend. If a member is attending they must step out for board votes. Minutes of every Board meeting are completed by the Chapter Administrator or designee and approved by the President, once the minutes are approved they will then be distributed to all MPITBA Board members and the MPI Chapter Relations Manager, this is to occur within 5 business days after a Board meeting.





3.1       NOMINATION POLICY: The Immediate Past President will be the chairperson of the Nominating Committee.  The remaining members of the Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President, with the vote of the MPITBA Board of Directors.  The committee shall be comprised of five (5) or seven (7) non board members, the Immediate Past President, President Elect and the Director of Leadership Development (if not reapplying for the board). The Director of Leadership is a non-voting member and serves as an information source of the volunteers/members applying. The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for administering the nominations and election process. The committee members shall be appointed in accordance with a timeline for the nominating process agreed upon by the current president and the nominating committee chair and will be based upon the needs of the chapter and directions from MPI.


3.1.1    NOMINATION PROCESS: Using a Candidate Interest Form, the Nominating Committee shall call for applications from the membership for Directorsallowing no less than 14 calendar days for submissions.  The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, President Elect, Immediate Past President, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Education, Vice President of Communications, Vice President of Special Programs and no less than six (6) Directors.  The Board shall be composed of planner and supplier members.  The Chapter Administrator shall also be an ex officio member, without vote, of the Board of Directors. Board of Directors Qualifications are:

  1.             1)  Be a member in good standing.

            2) Be willing to fulfill the obligations of office, in the capacity indicated.        3) Have a history of involvement, accomplishment and dependable

            service to MPI or MPITBA.

  1. 4)  Be willing to contribute time, energy and creativity to the chapter with written consent of employer.


The nominations committee will electronically submit their recommendation for incoming Board of Directors to the current Board of Directors to vote and approve the Directors. Once the vote passes the slate will be electronically announced to all MPITBA members in good standing (according to the latest membership report from MPI Global) in accordance with the nomination process timeline and installed at the Gala.


3.2       CONTESTED SLATE POLICY: Once the Nominating Committee has developed a slate of nominees for election from all Candidate Interest Forms submitted, the slate is sent to the membership. Additional nominations from the membership shall be permitted; provided a nomination is submitted in writing to the Nominating Committee Chair by date provided and is supported by a minimum of 10% percent of the official chapter membership as of date provided.  The nominee must identify the specific person he/she is running against in the general elect and must have already submitted a Candidate Interest Form to be eligible for petition.  If no additional nominations are received by the deadline, the ballot submitted by the Nominating Committee will be deemed elected by acclamation and will be installed at the chapter’s annual meeting. If additional nominations are received, an e-mail ballot will be sent to all chapter members for those positions having two or more candidates in contention.  Only the Directors can be contested.


3.3       SLATE PRESENTATION AND SUBMISSION: Chapter slate will be presented to membership on templates provided by MPI Global and allow 30 days for membership to contest prior to bylaw deadline of March 1st.  Chapter will submit to MPI Global the approved slate on the template provided by MPI Global on or before March 1st of each year.


3.4       BOARD TRAINING: Any incoming board member never serving on a MPI chapter board previously is required to attend the MPI Global Board 101 training on dates specified.  Each candidate is required to sign the training acknowledgement form and submit to their President prior to June 15th of the fiscal term. All chapter leaders are able to and encouraged to attend MPI Global trainings, Chapter Business Summit (CBS) and Chapter Leader Forum (CLF at WEC).


3.5       BOARD RETREATS: Chapters are required to hold an annual board planning retreat each year between April and June of the fiscal year.  Chapters are also required to hold a mid-year assessment retreat between November and January of each fiscal year. Chapters must engage with an external professional facilitator to oversee the process and flow of the retreat.  Facilitators cannot be a Current Board member from the home chapter or chapter member that has served on the board in the last two years. All retreat facilitators must be approved prior to contracting with your Chapter Business Manager.




4.1       COMPENSATION: Directors and elected Officers shall not be compensated for their services as an MPI Chapter Officer or Director or receive any preferential discounts or considerations for attending chapter events.


4.2       GIFTS: Directors and elected Officers shall not accept any gifts over the value of $100.00 unless otherwise approved by MPI Global.






1.1       STANDING COMMITTEES:  A volunteer Chair will be appointed for each standing committee annually. Board of Directors are responsible for selecting their respective chairs/committees. The Nominations Committee requires a vote by the Board of Directors. Standing committees of the MPITBA chapter are:


Education Committee:

Purpose: The purpose of the Education Committee is to plan and execute, at the least per International guidelines, six education programs for the membership to attend.


Responsibilities/Timelines: These education programs are typically held every other month. Responsibilities of this Committee include finding and contracting speakers, marketing the education programs and handling all logistics of the education programs from start to finish.

Recommended Number of Volunteer Positions: 20 (some volunteers double up on duties – 20 positions total)


Board of Director Position responsible: Vice President of Education and Director of Professional Development



Meetings Academy Committee:

Purpose: The purpose of the Meetings Academy Committee is to plan and execute the Chapter’s annual one-day conference.


Responsibilities/Timelines: Responsibilities of this Committee include finding and contracting speakers, marketing the event and handling all logistics of the event from start to finish.


Recommended number of volunteers: 24 positions (including Chair and on-site volunteers but not including Board Members)


Board of Director Position responsible: Vice President of Education and Director of Professional Development



Membership Committee:

Purpose:  To aid in the overall membership experience of the MPI Tampa Bay Area Chapter members.  The Membership Committee is responsible for retention, gaining new members, and getting the membership involved thru volunteerism.


Responsibilities/Timeline:  The Membership Committee is responsible for the annual needs assessment, annual membership campaign, and any additional membership surveys as requested by the Board of Directors. Monthly ongoing tasks for committee member include: Renewal reminders, renewal thank you’ s, delinquent calls, new member welcome, volunteer tracking, & Ambassador program. New member orientations will be held at the discretion of the Board of Directors, preferably with one per quarter. The Management Office maintains records of chapter membership, assisted by the Membership Committee. 


Recommended number of volunteers:  Approximately 20 volunteers.


Board Positions:  VP of Membership, Director of Member Care, and Director of Leadership Development



Leadership Development:

Purpose:  To get MPITBA Chapter members more involved and “develop” our future leaders including committee chairs and board members. Plan the Emerging Leaders Program from start to finish.


Responsibilities/Timeline:  Volunteering recruitment and volunteer tracking, Emerging Leaders program.  Emerging Leaders Nominations in September and the Training aspect will take place on October.

Recommended number of Volunteers:  2 Volunteers annually to track/follow up with volunteers. 1 Chair for the Emerging Leaders Program.


Board Positions:  Director of Leadership Development



Awards Committee:

Purpose:  To oversee the annual awards given out to recognize the chapters’ outstanding volunteers, sponsors, and important contributors.


Responsibilities/Timelines:  Compiling the lists of nominees in each category, submitting the nominees to the membership for voting, ordering awards and overseeing awards process at the year-end Gala.  Committee to be in place by the end of December and the voting will be done in within 6 weeks of the Gala.


Recommended number of Volunteers:  5- One chair and 4 committee members to help with the process.


Board position responsible:  VP of Membership, VP of Strategic Alliance and Chapter President



Nominations Committee (see 3.1)

Purpose:  To nominate the best board members and Committee Chairs. To bring experienced chapter members to help vet and vote on these new board members.


Responsibilities/Timelines:  To present a recommended slate for the new incoming BOD.  Nominating Committee should be selected by August 1st, voted and approved by September 1st. Slate should be presented to the current board by the January board meeting. 


Recommended number of Volunteers:  5 or 7 voting members. All members of the nominations committee are appointed with approval and vote of the Board of Directors.


Board position responsible:  Immediate Past President



Community Outreach Committee

Purpose: Coordinate community outreach in which the chapter supports as a means of giving back to its community (2-3 initiatives per year).


Responsibilities/Timelines: Review local charities and make support recommendations to the Board of Directors. Plan and facilitate chapter's community service program, ensuring the active involvement of chapter members. Ensure promotion of community outreach efforts, Work with Director of Special Events to facilitate fundraising within chapter membership to support community service project.  Activities are ongoing with signature event planning for a holiday give back in December and a summer give back to end the fiscal year.

Recommended number of volunteers: 4-6


Board of Director Position responsible: Director of Community Outreach



Networking Committee

Purpose:  Develop, implement and manage chapter networking events including (but not limited to MPI After 5's, SOS and Joint Meetings with other MPI Chapters and/or other local Associations.


Responsibilities/Timelines: Have events scheduled, contracted, and site walk thru with contact no less than 60 days out. Prospect future After 5 locations and maintain a record of developed contacts for future consideration.


Recommended number of volunteers: 10


Board of Director Position responsible: Director of Community Outreach



Sponsorship and Advertising Committee

Purpose: To sell cash sponsorship and advertising opportunities for chapter events and website/marketing.


Responsibilities/Timelines:  Sell in-industry cash sponsorship opportunities for (5) education meetings, special events and Meetings Academy. Sell out-of-industry cash sponsorship opportunities for (5) education meetings. Sell table host sponsorship opportunities for the (5) education meetings. Sell website and newsletter advertising opportunities. Once sold, work with deliverable chair and various committees to insure all promised deliverables are met.  


Recommended number of volunteers: 3


Board of Director Position responsible: Director of Sponsorship and Advertising




Special Events Committee

Purpose:   Produce 3 special events for the MPI Tampa Bay Area Chapter.


Responsibilities/Timelines:  Plan and execute three (3) special events for the MPI Tampa Bay Area Chapter within a calendar year. The Annual Gala is mandatory with two other special events that is determine by the Director of Special Events and voted on by the Board of Directors during the Annual Retreat. 


Recommended number of volunteers: 15


Board of Director Position responsible: Director of Special Events





StRategic ALliance Committee


Purpose: Develop and maintain strategic partnership that will benefit MPITBA membership base. Secure venues for Meetings, Programs, Events, After 5’s, Breakfast Club and Retreats.

Responsibilities/Timelines: Identify strategic partnerships for chapter programming and track that those partners sponsorship benefits are fulfilled. Manager the 50/50 raffle, auctions and raffles at chapter events and programs.  


Recommended number of volunteers: 5


Board of Director Position responsible: VP of Strategic Alliance



Communications Committee

Purpose:  The purpose is to be the voice of the chapter and communicate information to members.


Responsibilities/Timelines:  This committee ensure chapter programs, activities and accomplishments are communicated to our membership via the chapter newsletter, event registrations, social media and the website.  The committee publicizes chapter accomplishment on a local and national level through other publications, media outlets as well as MPI International. The committee reports to the board of directors on strategic issues such as current communication and technology trends and topics pertinent to the meetings industry.  


Recommended number of volunteers: 5-8


Board of Director Position responsible: VP of Communications and Director of Marketing




2.1       ADVISORY COUNCIL AND TASK FORCE COMMITTEES:  Any volunteers for any advisory council and task forces will be appointed as needed by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are responsible for selecting their respective chairs/committees.




3.1       Expectations of Committee, Advisory Council and/or Task Force Chairs:Advisory and task force committees are to performing the following:

  1. 1)   Clearly communicate purpose/charge for the group.  If changes in direction occur, they are to be communicated in a timely manner.
  2. 2)   Develop work plans to achieve purpose/charge and clearly communicate responsibilities/assignments for each member.  Create a positive volunteer experience for all.
  3. 3)   Complete any assignments by pre-determined deadlines.
  4. 4)   Draft and disseminate minutes and summaries promptly.
  5. 5)   Draft and submit progress report to assigned Board of Director as needed.
  6. 6)   Ensure volunteer reimbursement requests are submitted and paid within 60 days of funded meeting.


Expectations of Volunteer Members:

  1. Focus on assigned purpose/charge for the group.
  2. Attend meetings and conference calls.
  3. Complete any assignments by pre-determined deadlines.
  4. Communicate any challenges/concerns early to volunteer chair.
  5. Submit volunteer reimbursement requests immediately following approved expenses but no later than 30 days and by June 1st.
  6. Maintain confidentiality of discussions and background materials and immediately disclose any conflict of interest that may arise.






1.1       FISCAL YEAR:  The fiscal year of the chapter for financial and business purposes is July 1 through June 30 unless otherwise determined by the chapter with MPI Global approval.




2.1       ANNUAL BUDGET: The annual budget is prepared by VP of Finance for review by the Executive Committee. The Board of Directors approves the annual operating budget in compliance with MPI Global bylaws. Chapter operations will be in alignment with the annual budget.


2.2       FUNDRAISING: The Director of Community Outreach and Networking is responsible for suggesting and carrying out fund raising ideas.  The Board may vote to use funds raised by specific projects for specific purposes, otherwise all funds raised are used for general expenses.





3.1       TERMS: The term “Reserves” for financial purposes will be defined as funds set aside to be used in emergency cases or in the event of an investment by the Chapter to further its mission.  


3.2       RESERVE TARGET: Chapter will maintain a minimum reserve of 12 months operating funds. Operating funds will be defined as annual fixed expenses plus 20%. This timeframe is to be a minimum as it is recognized that external events in the industry, significant downturn in the economy or stock market could make a longer commitment necessary.  


3.3       PURPOSE OF RESERVES: MPITBA will maintain adequate reserves for the following purposes:1) Unpredictable events which could substantially impact MPI’s operations or revenue streams. While such occurrences are rare, reserves can provide the resources necessary to keep the organization functioning should one occur. 2) Identification of a valuable investment opportunity for long term growth.   


While most such opportunities are managed through budgeted expenditures, the right opportunity with a significant and dependable return on investment can warrant a decision on the part of the board to access the organization’s reserves.


These investments would require an acceptable ROI back to the organization and would be sustainable long term without the initial deemed reserve support.


3.4       ACCESS TO RESERVES: The access of the “reserve” shall first be referred to the VP Finance for consideration. Final approval by a majority vote of the Board of Directors is required.




4.1       REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL AND REQUEST FOR DONATION: A RFP/RFD will be sent to MPITBA members first for consideration, this may be by email, website, social media or eblast. If no responses are deemed acceptable or a good fit for the chapter by the Board of Directors then non-members will be considered. RFP’s are drafted and submitted by the appropriate committee. Fulfillment and in-kind value/tracking will be tracked by Strategic Alliances. All Contracts that are negotiated for MPITBA shall have two signatures of approval from the director or VP of the applicable committee, plus one of the following:  the President, President-Elect, or VP of Finance.





5.1          TRAVEL EXPENESES: Travel expenses must be budgeted at the beginning of the year and voted on by the Board of Directors.  

Speakers and/or Facilitators - Maximum travel expenses that will be reimbursed with applicable receipts are the following: $400 for roundtrip flight; $50 each way for ground transportation; $50 per day for meals not provided by MPITBA.  Actual expense with acceptable receipts are eligible for reimbursements. Receipts and check requests are submitted to the VP of Finance no later than 30 days post spend and by June 1st.


Volunteers- If Volunteers are eligible and pre-approved by their reporting Vice President or Office of President for travel expense and reimbursement the Managing Board Member must ensure it is communicated, budgeted and that receipts and check requests are submitted to the VP no later than 30 days post spend and by June 1st and to VP of Finance by June 15th.


5.2          MPI GLOBAL TRAVEL EXPENSES: For any travel directed or offered by MPI Global chapter board members will comply with expense and reimbursement guidelines outlined for such event by MPI Global procedures.


5.3          BUDGETED CHAPTER EXPENSES: Disbursements of all funds requires Board approval.  There are general approvals in place for each committee, once the Board has voted for approval of the committee’s budget.  Items outside of that budget need to be voted on separately.  Separate voting is not required for expenses outlined in the chapter’s annual budget (once it is voted on and approved by the Board) and is not required for expenses outlined in the By-Laws and Policies and Procedures.  Receipts and check requests are required to be submitted to the VP of Finance no later than 30 days post spend with VP or President Signature no later than 30 days post spend and by June 1st and to the VP of Finance no later than June 15th.


5.3.1      Board members may not spend in excess of $25 per volunteer gift or $15 per person for a volunteer recognition event, as long as these expenses are approved and included in the annual operating budget. 


5.3.2      If a catering sponsorship is not secured, then the Host facilities may be paid a budgeted negotiated fee per attendee to cover food and beverages.  The maximum authorized fee per attendee is $15 inclusive for breakfast, $20 inclusive for lunch and $30 inclusive for the annual Awards / Installation Gala. Any amount over must be voted on by the Board of Directors.   


5.3.3      Members of MPITBA who use personal funds to pay approved chapter expenses will be reimbursed by chapter check provided that an Expense Report and receipts are turned in to – and approved by -- the overseeing Vice President and the Vice President of Finance.


5.4       ATTENDANCE AT THE WEC (World Education Congress), SEC (Southeast Educational Conference), CBS (Chapter Business Summit): It is important that the chapter President, and President-Elect attend the WEC and SEC Conferences as interacting with other chapter leaders is important and valuable to the chapter.  The President-Elect, VP of Membership, VP of Communications and VP of Education are to attend the CBS. Attendance should be provided by the chapter if the following criteria are met:

  1. The before mentioned Board of Directors company or association will not finance attendance at one or all three of the meetings.
  2. The before mentioned Board of Directors provide a full accounting of expenditures while attending the meetings.  The expenditures include hotel room during dates of convention (including MPI scheduled special meetings for Presidents and President Elects before the official start of the conference), airfare and registration.  The before mentioned Board of Directors will be responsible for some incidental expenses incurred in conjunction with attendance at these conferences.  $25/day will be provided to cover the cost of meals not provided by the conference.
  3. If MPITBA is funding the trip it is expected that the before mentioned Board of Directors attend and participate in all chapter related functions and gatherings during the conference as official representatives of MPITBA.  Personal and “company” business will only be conducted when not in direct conflict with MPI and MPITBA related functions.
  4. Sufficient funds must be available/budgeted for this purpose. 




6.1       ACCESS TO MEMBER LISTS: Access to membership and attendance lists shall be restricted to MPI premiere members in good standing only. Members shall be provided the opportunity to opt out of solicitation emails from both the chapter and MPI Global.


6.2       CHAPTER SPONSORSHIP POLICIES: Chapter Sponsorship agreements should be signed by the Chapter President and VP of Strategic Alliance. A RFP/RFD will be sent to MPITBA members first for consideration. If no responses are deemed acceptable or a good fit for the chapter by the Board of Directors then non-members will be considered. RFP are drafted and submitted by the appropriate committee. Fulfillment and in-kind value/tracking will be tracked by Strategic Alliances.




7.1       DUTIES: Paid staff administrators must adhere to the standards and qualifications established by MPI Global.  A minimum scope of services as outlined below will be included in administrator RFP and contracts. Additional services above the minimum requirements can be added by the chapter at their discretion with board approval.


7.2       MANAGEMENT OF PAID STAFF: A paid Staff Administrators will be employed by the Board of Directors to serve at its discretion. Duties and compensation shall be determined by the Board and the contract terms. Employment and discharge of paid staff administrators shall require a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Evaluation of the Paid Staff Administrator will be done by the Executive Board.


7.3       EVALUATION OF PAID STAFF & CONTRACT RENEWALS: Each chapter is required to complete an annual review of their administrative services prior to end of the chapter year.  Chapter must at a minimum adhere to the evaluation guidelines provided on the sample template. Additional processes can be deemed necessary at the chapter discretion. All chapters must submit a copy of their paid staff evaluations to MPI Global within 30 days of completion of the evaluation.


7.4       Contracts for any chapter administrator or paid staff services will require the following language included in contracts and/or scope of services by January 30, 2019.  This includes all existing/future contracts.

  • Chapter Administrators and their support staff will represent the chapter and MPI Global in a professional manner adhering to the Principles of Professionalism Guidelines provided by MPI Global.
  • Chapter Administrators and their support staff will follow all MPI Global and Chapter Bylaws, Policy & Procedures, Financial budgeting requirements and any other defined requirements set forth by Chapter or MPI Global.
  • Chapter Administrators are required to adhere to all CAP (Chapter Administrator Program) guidelines and policies. See Program guidelines for specific requirements.
  • Chapter Administrators or paid support staff must be licensed and insured with a minimum of $1 million dollars in general liability insurance and provide proof of said policy to Chapter and MPI Global annually by July 1st. 
  • Non-compliance with these requirements will require termination of contract.
  1. Chapters must complete an annual review of services provided by paid administrators.  Reviews should begin at least 90 days prior to the end of the contract.  The outcomes of the review as well as any updated contracts for service should be submitted to Global by July 1st annually.
  2. All administrative services must be contracted as a vendor for services; not an employee of the chapter.
  3. Chapter Administrators or paid staff cannot be family or an immediate relative of board members.  Family or immediate relative is defined as, Spouse, children, parents, siblings or grandchildren.
  4. Chapter Administrators will work to hold chapter boards accountable to all defined MPI performance standards, policies and Principles of Professionalism.  Chapter Board of Directors will support Administrators in this process.
  5.  In the event chapter does not engage in paid staff services chapter board members are required to adhere to all CAP guidelines and take all required trainings.  Refer to CAP program guidelines for requirements.






1.1          EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: Per International the MPITBA Chapter will hold six education events per year. One of the 6 may be the annual all day education day, Meetings Academy.


Educational programs are held a minimum of 6 times a year and typically consist of 30 min of Networking, 1hr 30min of Meal/Program/Announcements. Promotional materials may only be distributed at tables during monthly chapter meetings by table hosts (at their own table only), the sponsoring venue, cash sponsor and speaker based upon approval by VP Strategic Alliance and Director of Sponsorship and Advertising.


1.2          NETWORKING/SOCIAL PROGRAMS: Director of Special Events will work with the Special Events Committee to produce MPITBA special events. This will include the Gala and a minimum of two (2) special events budgeted and determined at the beginning of the planning year and voted by the Board of Directors.


1.3          EVENT ATTENDANCE: Chapters must charge a member rate and a non-chapter member rate for all events.  The price difference between member and non-chapter member rates is at the chapter discretion based on specific event needs. Anyone who is not a preferred or premier level member is required to pay the non-chapter member rates for events and is limited to no more than 2 events in one fiscal year at the non-chapter member rate.


Partnership events with other industry organizations are excluded from this requirement.


Non-industry guests are exempt from this rule and can be charged a guest rate to be determined by the chapter.


1.4          REGISTRATION FEES: Host facilities may send Staff attendees to meetings held at their own facility at no charge, provided that MPITBA is not charged for the attendance.  Host facilities should still RSVP for all attending, so that name badges can be made, and there is an accurate head count for ancillary items. The registration fee for an MPI event will be waived for any member of a sponsor supplier team that, due to the nature of their sponsorship, must work more than 50% of the time allocated for the event. Speakers are complimentary, speaker’s guests must pay unless specified in contract agreement. Registration staff must pay. Volunteers that are setting up or breaking down but are able to attend the event must pay. The Chair of the event gains complimentary registration. The event committee members must pay. The Board of Directors must vote to change the registration rates for Education Programs and MPI After 5’s. Meetings Academy volunteers that work over 50% of the event will receive complimentary registration per approval of the VP of Education. 


Registration rates for typical one-hour education programs as of 6/16/2017 are:


  1. $40 members
  2. $45 members late
  3. $70 non-members
  4. $75 non-members late
  5. $10 student members ($5 late fee for students)
  6. $15 student non-member (no late fee for non member students)


Registration rates for typical MPI After 5 programs as of 11/09/2016 are:


  1. 1)    $10 members
  2. 2)    $15 members late
  3. 3)    $15 non-members
  4. 4)    $20 non-members late
  5. 5)    $10 student members (no late fee for students)
  6. 6)    $15 student non-member (no late fee for students)


Registration rates for typical Special Event as of 11/09/2016 are:


  1. $45 members
  2. $55 members late
  3. $65 non-members
  4. $75 non-members late
  5. $20 student members (no late fee for students)
  6. $25 student non-members (no late fee for students)


1.4.1      Complimentary attendance can be extended to those individuals judged by the Board to have provided a measure of publicity that is beneficial to the chapter. The President, Vice President of Education and/or the Vice President of Strategic Alliances may also extend complimentary admission in return for program support.  However, the VP of Education and/or the VP of Strategic Alliances must advise the Management Office of complimentary admissions at least 4 business days in advance.


1.4.2      Cancellations must be received twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the program/event in order to receive a refund, credit or not be billed as a no show. No-shows will be billed at the rate at which they were booked. The President has the authority to make exceptions based on extreme situations. 


1.4.3      Accepted forms of payment are Cash, Credit and Checks with parameters. Checks must be received before the event.


1.5       GUARANTEE: The Management Office is to report the number of reservations seventy-two (72) hours out and twenty-four (24) hours out to the Vice President of Education & Education Logistics Chair in charge of guarantees.  The Vice President of Education or the Education Logistics Chair will then make guarantee to the host facility, allowing for cancellations and late registrations. 






1.1       All Chapters must adhere to the MPI Chapter Logo and Identity Standards document provided. Any theme specific logos for events must not be in conflict with the MPI Global Brand Standards and must be approved by MPI Global prior to use.




2.1       COMMUNICATION REQUEST FORM: All Communications must go on a CRF- Communications Request Form. The communications team has the right to change dates of requested communications that better see fit for the chapter.


2.2       WEBSITE- Board of Director’s are responsible for their areas on the website and should check the website regularly to ensure information is up to date. If there are changes that need to be made they must be submitted via CRF to the chapter communications Gmail account to be reviewed and copy the chapter administrator. If there are any questions the communications team will be in touch to clarify changes needed to be made. The Communications team will determine the urgency to get information updated.


2.3       E-FOCUS NEWSLETTER: The e-Focus will go out to the Membership once a month during the 1st week of the month for the purpose of informing members of monthly meetings, membership updates, global updates and any additional information deemed important to be communicated to the chapter members. Any information that is desired to be included in the e-Focus must be submitted no later than 7 days prior to publish date. Any time after that, it will not be included until the following month.

Reoccurring information- On the CRF it must be indicated if information needs to be included in multiple issues. A start date and an end date is required.

Content- Please note that the communications team responsibility is to communicate your information efficiently to the membership and they are not content writers. If you are in need of a content writer please recruit a content writer volunteer for each of your realms


2.4       E-MAIL BLASTS: E-blasts will not be permitted to go out the same week that an e-Focus is published with the exception of “Know Before You Go” emails. If there is something that is urgent that needs to be published in the off weeks of the eFocus this information can be sent via CRF to be reviewed. The communications team will review the information and will determine the urgency to publish the information, the VP of Communications and President will make the final decision. The email blast CRF must be received no later than the Wednesday prior to the off week, this way if there are multiple urgent items then they can be compiled into one eBlast. Board of Directors are welcome to inquire with the  Chapter Administrator at any time on the number of registrations for an upcoming event however asking the Chapter Administrator to send an eblast for an event is not permitted.


2.5       SOCIAL MEDIA: Social Media requests are to be completed on CRF. CRF's should be submitted no later than the Sunday starting the week you would like your requests to be posted. 




3.1       Advertising contracts and deliverables negotiated on a per client bases. Pricing found in Sponsorship packet. Artwork and/advertisement due to administrator or communications team at least 72 hours prior to publish date and/or deadline date (in terms of the E-Focus specifically).


3.2       The Board has power to use funds or “trade out” the value of chapter functions and Web site and e-Focus ad space in return for administrative or program support services.







1.1       MPI Tampa Bay Board of Directors will vote during the Annual Retreat and determine      the best approach to support MPI Foundation.


1.2       MPI Tampa Bay Board of Directors will vote during the Annual Retreat and determine      the best approach to support once annually to raise funds or use excess funds on hand      for a local charity group’s benefit.  The amount of contribution must be voted on.




2.1       CHAPTER AWARDS: A Committee consisting of the VP Strategic Alliance, Immediate Past President, Director of Member Care, Director of Communications will oversee the awards timeline and process. No more than two active Board Members may receive a reward.


Member of the Month: Nominated by the Board of Directors, Voted on by the Board of Directors, (10) per year and awarded at MPITBA events/programs.

Once the person has been nominated the person that nominated them will ensure the person will be at the upcoming event they will be recognized at. VP Membership orders the award. Once awarded the recipient will receive the bio questionnaire to be placed in the E-Focus, Social Media and Website.

Volunteer of the Year: Nominees are those that had been awarded Member of the Month and is a Board of Directors Vote on the recipient.  

Small Sponsor of the Year: All those that sponsored from May to April are listed for Chapter Vote. In the case of a tie the Committee and President will select. The Sponsor as well as what they sponsored for the year will be listed.

Large Sponsor of the Year: All those that sponsored from May to April are listed for Chapter Vote. In the case of a tie the Committee and President will select. The Sponsor as well as what they sponsored for the year will be listed.

Meeting Professional of the Year: Nominated by Membership, if there are less than 7 Nominees then the President may make additional nominations and listed for Chapter Vote. In the case of a tie the Committee and President will select. The reason for nomination will be listed (with parameters of length).

Meeting Planner of the Year: Nominated by Membership, if there are less than 7 Nominees then the President may make additional nominations and listed for Chapter Vote. In the case of a tie the Committee and President will select. The reason for nomination will be listed (with parameters of length).

Rising Star: Nominated by the Board of Directors and selected by the Board of Directors.

Committee of the Year: All committees with descriptions (parameters on length) are listed and the Chapter votes. In the case of a tie the Committee and President will select.

Student of the Year: Nominated by Membership, if there are less than 3 Nominees then the President may make additional nominations. In the case of a tie the Committee and President will select. The reason for nomination will be listed (with parameters of length).

President’s Award: Selected by the President



3.1    CHAPTER SCHOLARSHIPS: Chapter Scholarships will be decided upon and voted on at the business and budget planning stages of the incoming fiscal year.





4.1    TONS COMMITTEE: TONS (Tampa Bay Area, Greater Orlando Area, North Florida and South Florida) Advisory Council is a combined effort of the four MPI Chapters of Florida to provide a vision and strategic plan, establish best practices and create consistency and continuity to ensure the success of the SEC. TONS evaluates, communicates and implements changes within the SEC Guidelines and the Marketing Plan for SEC, thus achieving the goal of consistent communications and providing support for the four Florida Chapters of MPI.

4.2    DIRECTOR OF CHAPTER COLLABORATION: A Director of Chapter Collaboration will serve on the MPITBA Board of Directors and sit on the TONS Committee as the MPITBA Chapter representative. This position will vote on Behalf of the Chapter’s Interest, reports to the MPITBA BOD on monthly status of SEC Business, ensure the MPITBA Chapter is on track for the silent auction and will be the liaison on Host Committee for Task Force.



5.1    PROMOTIONAL ITEMS: Promotional items are to be used for strategic campaigns, community outreach awareness, and marketing initiatives or other programs upon board approval.




A copy of Chapter By-Laws and Policies and Procedures manual shall be posted on the MPITBA website ( and shall be provided electronically upon request from a member.



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