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Top Performing Chapter Award

Rajeev Bector - October 2021


By: LaChelle Evans | Oct 12, 2021

Trick or treat, MPI is sweet, and we have a new volunteer of the month for you to meet.

Rajeev Bector’s desire to help others led him to MPI, and we are grateful to have him.

Rajeev-bike-350He joined MPI in early 2020 and stepped up immediately to volunteer on our Communications Committee. He assists in all areas where there’s a need and matches his skill set. He’s always open to an opportunity where he can learn and contribute at the same time.

Rajeev is the Founder and CEO of technology company “OK ROGER”. He formed the company more than five years ago to help meeting planners and travelers get to their destinations with ease, while enjoying an amazing VIP Experience. The idea for his company was sparked from his own personal and professional travel planning frustrations. His platform allows companies and individuals the personalized service they would get with an assistant. Although his company is still in the early stages, new capabilities are continuously added. Rajeev says it’s an ongoing Journey of Innovation & Learning.

Outside of work, Rajeev enjoys photography, and collects cameras old and new. He’s fascinated with seeing the beauty of how the machines evolve over time. Sometimes he spends days alone with just him and his cameras, which doesn’t always go over well with his family.

Rajeev_Bector-fam-350Rajeev and his wife Minal have two teenaged sons, Ronit and Rishabh, and we can’t leave out the family pet, their three-year-old dog, Mira. Rajeev has recently taken up mountain biking, and the family spends most of their vacations skiing.

And, no tricks, all treat – Rajeev met his wife in the third grade…now isn’t that sweet.



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