Lori Bennett, CMP, CCM, HMCC - MPI Rocky Mountain Chapter

Lori Bennett, CMP, CCM, HMCC - MPI Rocky Mountain Chapter

By MPI Foundation | Jun 8, 2021

Lori Bennett, CMP, CCM, HMCC
MPI Rocky Mountain Chapter

HMCC Scholarship

I received the HMCC educational scholarship in August of 2019 to participate in the October 2019 session. This certification has given me the opportunity as an independent meeting planner to better serve my medical clients and earn more opportunities for new clients.

As a small business owner, I do not have a large educational fund for larger educational opportunities. I know the value I receive from my local chapter events, but to be able to get a certification useful to my business was an opportunity that I could not pass up. I have learned through my chapter that the MPI Foundation is a wonderful resource for extending my membership benefits when I could not otherwise afford them.

I will be able to extend my knowledge of Health Care Compliance to a current client in their logistical planning as well as in earning more clients in the Health Care Arena. If I didn’t have this certification, I would not feel as qualified to grow my business in that sector.

I was able to list the certification in a specific conference management proposal for Healthcare business. While that organization is putting their live meetings on hold currently, once they meet in person, I fully expect to earn the business.

The MPI Foundation is a great resource to assist meeting planners like me with access to more events and clients who can in turn, bring meetings and conferences to these partners.

The MPI Foundation was a valuable resource for me, an independent meeting planner. I am truly thankful for the support, quick response and ease of working with the MPI Foundation in assisting with my certification class.



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