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How to Create the Perfect Atmosphere with Live Music at Corporate Events

By: Bradley Madsen | Aug 14, 2023

Corporate events, meetings, and parties have returned. Post-Covid, it’s arguable that in today’s remote environment, they serve an even more important role than just a chance to learn, network, blow off steam and celebrate. They are now the primary way that employees meet each other in real life. They can even serve to impress business partners and potential clients. But so many events lack music - most corporate gatherings are silent except for the murmuring of the crowd and the speakers presenting. Do you know what is needed to elevate the ambiance? Live music. Whether it's a gala dinner, awards ceremony, product launch, or team-building event, live music can transform the atmosphere, setting the tone for a successful and enjoyable event.  

What does a corporate meeting planner need to look for in a music vendor to ensure the perfect musical complement to a party? In addition to promotional materials showing that they have amazing acts available, a planner should look for the following things:

  1. A vendor who takes time to understand your audience and theme.

    If you have a vision for the type of music you want, your music vendor should be ready to make it happen. Even if you are settling on a theme, or don’t have one, they should take the time to develop a clear understanding of your audience and the overall theme of the event. Once the vendor knows about your audience and event, he or she can make suggestions for a live band or ensemble (or multiple if needed) that will align with the purpose and atmosphere of the event. 

  1. A vendor who helps you choose the right entertainment.

    If you are having an elegant cocktail party and seated dinner with no dancing, you don’t want a top 40 band.  If you are having an end-of-year bash for your employees, partners, and select clients, you don’t want a string ensemble. The best music vendors are experts in selecting the right type of band or ensemble to enhance your event.  Ideally, they will work closely with you, your planner, and your venue to ensure a smooth and top-notch performance. 

  1. A vendor who takes into account the venue and its acoustics.

    How a band or ensemble sounds is very much influenced by the venue. Large, open spaces not only require large sound systems to project adequately, but experienced sound technicians to run them. Smaller, more intimate venues might not need sound reinforcement at all, or a very light touch with it to ensure a proper balance is maintained. If they aren’t including proper sound reinforcement for your event, then you should explore other options to ensure that things go off without a hitch
  1. A vendor who works with you early and often on the timeline.

    Every event has a timeline that dictates the flow of the day. Whether it’s a corporate holiday party, conference, or corporate retreat, it’s important to know not only when the music is needed, but what kind of music. At times, background music will be desired to facilitate networking, conversation, and relaxation. Other times, you may want a band to get the crowd moving and dancing, or a more formal performance for your guests to enjoy while eating. During awards presentations or multiple speeches, a short performance break can keep attendees interested. Strike a balance between background music and designated performance sets. The key is to schedule the live music strategically, complementing the flow of the event.  

  1. A vendor who will customize the playlist.

    Corporate parties often have a function that goes beyond just getting together to network and/or celebrate. The music needs to serve that function. A reputable vendor will work closely with you to customize the playlist for the event. He or she should be happy to incorporate favorite tunes of the executives or popular songs related to the industry or the event's theme. Since those songs may not be in the performers’ regular repertoire, you should be speaking with the band leader early in the process to ensure they don’t miss a single detail and can perform every special request.
  1. A vendor who will interact with the audience.

    The most memorable performances are never static performances where the band or ensemble exists separate from the crowd but instead interacts in many ways. Depending on the booking, it can be as simple as taking requests or inviting attendees to join in for a dance or sing-along. If you have a dance band, the musicians can get out on the dance floor with your attendees. If a music company discourages any of this interaction, then you should look for one that encourages this interaction. 

It’s time to bring corporate events to a new level, and live music is the way to do it. Live music has the remarkable power to create an enchanting atmosphere at corporate events. It can, through creating a more fun environment, foster closer relationships on your teams, with your clients, and with your business partners. And when you are throwing a corporate event, isn’t that the goal?



Bradley Madsen
Founder, at Clarity Music Productions

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