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Feature Article: Volunteerism

Volunteerism Article

By: Dennis Turpin | May 12, 2020

Whether it is a local MPI Ottawa Chapter community event or a charity event, the call for volunteers is the first step in the events success. Everyone of us can think of a person who always seems to be involved.

If is it was Girl Guides or Boy Scouts, a hockey coach, a dance teacher these individuals were parents, teachers, brother or sisters who willingly gave up their free time and extending their talents, helping out any way possible.

Volunteer Article Quote

I can remember showing up at the neighbourhood outdoor rink on a cold January Saturday morning seeing a man shovelling the fresh fallen snow off the ice, it was my hockey coach Mr. Murray. That night he was back at the rink preparing to flood the rink so the neighbourhood kids would have a fresh sheet of ice to skate on in the morning. Mr. Murray was not employed by the town, he was the father of one of my best friends and a volunteer. In the summer, he could be found at Camp Tamaracouta, a Boy Scout camp north of Montreal, where he would bring his entire family on their vacation just to help the scout troop.

As we work closer and more involved planning and overseeing meetings and events, one can appreciate the demand for volunteers. Yet like in our childhood years, it seems the same individuals are volunteering, there are rarely any new faces.

Volunteerism Article - Health Benefits

In the Ottawa/Gatineau area we are witness to annual telethons, gala receptions, 5 and 10K runs, even duck races. These events are driven by volunteers. Working individuals who have given up a few hours or their own time to give back to the community. For whatever reason, they show up, do what is asked of them and without questions, they do it.

The past couple of months, we have experienced very challenging times, we have witnessed incredible acts of kindness and compassion for others. Let us look at ourselves, as MPI members and ask what we can do for our chapter, to give back. I know Mr. Murray would.

Headshot_05 13 16_126 Article written by Dennis Turpin, Destination Meetings Manager - Business Events Victoria

Article edited by Rozanne Lyons, CMP, Intertask Conferences



Headshot_05 13 16_126
Dennis Turpin


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