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Insider Experience – CanSPEP Saskatoon

_Insider Experience MPI50

By: Jenny Dao-D'Angelo | Oct 17, 2022

CanSPEP logo

Basic details of the event

Title: CanSPEP Fire It Up! 
Date: August 2 – 5, 2022  

Discover Saskatoon Logo
City, Country: Saskatoon, Canada  

Let’s burn down the old ways of doing things!

With a re-envisioned programming format, the conference sessions and events took place in multiple locations across the city including the Remai Modern, the Western Development Museum, Prairieland Parks, TCU Place, Wanuskewin, The Delta Downtown, The Delta Bessborough, and the Sheraton Cavalier; all while highlighting the walkability of our host city!


Specific Planning Questions:

Organizing Team

  • The Board along with the planning committee
    • Board of Directors:
    • Planning Committee:

Number of Attendees: 90

Goals of CanSPEP 2022:

This conference was designed around its walkability encouraging participants to pack their walking shoes!

Education plan for 2022 conference:

  • Dig deep into Business Strategy to enable us to be plan-ful about how we move our business forward.
  • Delve into the art and science of Marketing and Promotion to help your brand stand out and understand where to invest your resources.
  • Learn more about Sales from the sales experts themselves as they help us position us for success and enable us to grow our business.
  • Investigate our Value Proposition as planners and what we bring to our clients, and why we’re worth it!
  • Learn how to Work Under Pressure so that we can always be at our best.
  • Understand and create Inclusive Environments that support the needs of everyone.

Specific Event Questions:

CanSPEP Fire it up

Who participated to CanSPEP?

Industry suppliers and CanSPEP members. CanSPEP is a leading national voice in the event industry and is the only association in Canada that offers an exclusive membership to independent event planner entrepreneurs.

Where were the attendees from?

All across Canada

What was the main objective of this conference?  

With a re-envisioned programming format with sustainability in mind, the conference sessions and events took place in multiple locations across the city; all while highlighting the walkability of our host city - Saskatoon!

What was your favourite session/keynote? Why?

Ryan Toundsend
The Art and Science of Marketing
Creating a Brand and Marketing Program that Drives Results

Session was designed around the following questions: Does your brand stand out in the crowd? Do you know where to invest your time and money to maximize your marketing program? How do you know your marketing is working? All great questions and topics we will address in our session on the Art and Science of Marketing.

We often take marketing for granted. It was nice to see the science and psychology behind marketing plans to help drive ROI.

What was your favourite moment? Why?

CanSPEP organized a morning wellness program hosted at Wanuskewin and gave everyone a choice of 3 activities: Sunrise Yoga, Bannock Bread Making or a Morning Hike along the Bison Jump. This organized time allowed delegates to slow down the pace and connect with the spirituality of the sacred land. It was very grounding, relaxing and charged us up for the rest of the conference.

CanSPEP Sponsors

What people are saying about CanSPEP Fire It Up?

Delegates had the opportunity to truly see and experience the city given the unique format of hosting their sessions over multiple locations. The conference encouraged wellness and walkability of the city. The relaxed atmosphere made for meaningful conversations and connections.

Jenny Dao Headshot

What are your expectations for CanSPEP Conferences?

This was my first CanSPEP conference and I was impressed by the friendly disposition of all its members who are all independent meeting planners. They are not only competitors but colleagues who help each other elevate their business.

Darlene Headshot Article edited by Darlene Kelly-Stewart, Stonehouse Sales & Marketing Services



Jenny D. headshot
Jenny Dao-D'Angelo
Business Development Manager at Tourism Saskatoon

Jenny Dao-D’Angelo | LinkedIn at Tourism Saskatoon: Overview | LinkedIn


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