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Member Spotlight - Desmond Lomas

Member Spotlight MPI50

By: Elodie Lortal, CMP, DES | Sep 6, 2022

Name and Designations: Desmond Lomas, CMP, DES 
Position: Business Development Account Manager
Employer: Explore Edmonton
Joined MPI: I don’t even know the answer to this question.  At least 10 years consecutively but on and off prior to that depending on my job.

Contact Information: 
Linked In: Desmond Lomas

Desmond L.

How have you benefited from having a membership with MPI Ottawa?

I have learned a tremendous amount that I probably would not have learned in my regular employment over the years; I have also developed some life-long friendships.

What is your favorite event organized by MPI Ottawa?

GMID has always been close to my heart, and it can be simply explained by the fact that this has been the event I have always been the most involved with over the years.  The event is an important education event, but we have had the creative license to make it fun as well. It has always been a good blend of education and entertainment.

Do you have an example when having a membership with MPI Ottawa has helped you?

I never would have completed my CMP if it wasn’t for being a member. MPI Ottawa offered both support and accountability for me to get my designation.

How did you get where you are today?

It has been a long and winding road through the hospitality industry. I have worked from golf courses to restaurants to hotels.  I left hotels to do site selection and then the pandemic forced me to become a digital event planner.  I was thrilled for the opportunity to join Explore Edmonton’s Business Events team.  Now, I am getting destination management organization experience!

What makes you good at what you do?

It sounds cliché but, I like helping people. I have been in the service industry my whole life.  We are all problem solvers.  It is not necessarily a problem in a negative sense. We are all about offering solutions to what people need.  I find it very satisfying to help people with solutions and deliver on what they need efficiently and to their satisfaction.

Tell us about a career highlight or biggest achievement?

My biggest career achievements have been both MPI related!  It was in 2018 when I won MPI Ottawa Supplier of the Year and most recently Mentor of the Year for 2021. It is very gratifying to be both nominated and awarded by your peers.

Edmonton Business Events Team

What is an industry tool you could not live without?

Since I joined Explore Edmonton, I love Microsoft Teams.

Des Oilers Shirt at Cottage

Last words

We work in such a great industry. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities and choose a job because it motivates you and makes you happy. This is how you will be successful!

Darlene Headshot Article edited by: Darlene Kelly-Stewart, Stonehouse Sales & Marketing Services



EL Headshot
Elodie Lortal, CMP, DES
Catering Coordinator at National Arts Centre

📢 I am a bilingual meetings and events coordinator who helps clients and organizations to plan their events in one of our five unique meeting spaces. The National Arts Centre is an ideal Ottawa venue for virtual, hybrid, or in-person events.


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