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By: Chantale Degagne | May 17, 2019

Name and designations: Marty Johnston
Position: Virtual Reality Community Developer
Employer: ColonyVR
Joined MPI in November 2018
Contact information:,  

Marty Johnston headshot

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I am originally from Northwestern Ontario where I lived between Winnipeg and Thunder Bay, and where I obtained my HBA in political science and a post-grad diploma in human resource management. I moved to Ottawa in the spring of 2015 and I recently finished the post-grad diploma in Event Management at Algonquin College. Currently I work with virtual reality technology through my family’s business which is indeed, awesome.

How did you join the industry? Was it a straight path (ie school to industry job) or a more circuitous route?
I’m looking to get into the industry right out of school. MPI has been great to network and see how many different aspects to the industry there are. I was always planning events in university, but it is great to see how it works as a career.

What is the best industry blog or Ted Talk you’d recommend to fellow members?With my experience working with virtual reality tech, I highly recommend this Ted Talk. It is about how to innovate with virtual reality and augmented reality.

What is one dream you've seen fulfilled?
The first major event I planned was an Amazing Race event around Lakehead University for dormitory students. There were over 120 students attending along with my team of 15 volunteers. The event was a big success and it snowed 2 days later. All the positive feedback from participants showed me that I can accomplish any task I set my mind to.

What is your hidden talent?
Networking and communicating. I am a people person and enjoy getting to know people from all walks of life and industry.

What is the last big change you made in your life?
I went back to school!

What’s your favourite 'icebreaker question' at a networking event/best conversation starter?
I simply ask if people have tried virtual reality tech before!

Favourite Quote:
Work hard at having fun.

Article written by: Chantale Degagne, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

Article edited by Rozanne Lyons, CMP, Intertask Conferences



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Chantale Degagne

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