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Ten Ways MPI Has Changed My Life - Jennifer McAndrew

Ten Ways MPI Has Changed My Life

By: Jennifer McAndrew | Dec 14, 2021

Name and Designations: Jennifer McAndrew, MBA, CED, DES
Position: Event Director & Co Founder
Employer: Mastermind Event Rentals
Joined MPI: November 2012

Contact Information: 
Linked In: (1) Jennifer (Perlberg) McAndrew MBA CED DES | LinkedIn

Jen McAndrew headshot

Tell us a bit about yourself
I am the mom of two very busy children, ages 13 and 10. Married to a great guy who is also my business partner. I love my business and what we get to do every day, I am passionate about creating events and seeing them come to life and in my spare time I teach dance, mostly ballet, to children in the community.

How did you join the industry? Was it a straight path or a more circuitous route? 
It was a summer job that got me into the meetings and events industry. I was not studying in the field at all, I was studying Fine Arts at Ryerson. I took an administrative assistant job for the summer that my aunt connected me with so that I could make some money to pay tuition. I started with Junior Achievement of Canada in 2000. I fell in love with the events process. I stayed with them for nine years moving through the organization in various roles and responsibilities, creating student conferences across Canada during that time.

What does MPI Ottawa Chapter means to you? 
Jen McAndrew is celebrating her 9 year anniversary with the MPI Ottawa Chapter. Today she shares with us 9 ways that MPI helped her in her professional career and changed her life. 

MPI November

Here is a list of the nice ways I have benefitted from my MPI membership:

  1. Education

    I am a Certified Events Designer (CED) and a Digital Event Specialist (DES). I have received scholarships from the MPI Foundation for which I am very grateful. I have received education through the association which has helped me to develop my professional career. I have had the opportunity to attend WEC in San Francisco, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Toronto and virtually.

    Jen @ board

  2. Business

    Originally, when I joined MPI in 2012, the goal was to increase the visibility of our company Mastermind Event Rentals and to diversify our business clients. Years later, we have made a name for ourselves and for the company. As a supplier, I have the pleasure of working with both planner and supplier members to make their events happen.

    Jen speaking

  3. Experience

    I have learned skills through the different roles I have in MPI Ottawa Chapter which helped me in my career. As MPI President, I was pushed out of my comfort zone, and this was one of the best experiences of my life. It gave me the confidence to try new challenges and put myself out there. Without this experience I would never have thought about pursuing some of the most rewarding roles of my career, including Politics, running as a candidate in the 2021 Federal election.

    Jen speaking podium

  4. Volunteering

    Through the years I’ve had various roles within the association. I started as a Director of Communication when Chapter News & Views was a paper magazine. A couple of years later, I was MPI President. I also served as Chair of Canadian Advisory Council during the 2020 pandemic year. Each of these experiences has taught me a different skill set.

    Jen @ Sports

  5. Talent

    As a past Chapter President, I had the pleasure to work with Ryan Young, Allison Collins, Nancy Bradshaw, Jennifer Beatty, Greg Plazek, Patrick Kilvert and so many other incredible industry professionals. To surround myself with these exceptional people always inspired me to do more so I could count myself lucky to be part of this group. To see people growing into their careers and taking on new roles is inspiring. I remember the first time I met Ashley Craven, CMP, DES she was a power house and force to be reckoned with (WOW!) and now she has become the youngest President elected. People evolve and take on new projects in their careers. It’s amazing to have been part of the Chapter growing and evolving.

    Jen @ Golf

  6. Growth

    During the pandemic, our industry got hit. There were no large events so no need for rental items. We had to lay off our 17 staff members. It was hard, we had to pivot to survive that’s how we started the contactless balloon delivery business. Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, I have inflated over 30,000 balloons and we kept the lights on and we are bringing back staff as we move into the new normal.

    In 2020, I decided to run for political office. My experience as a Past MPI President, the skills I have developed such as public speaking and leadership are transferable skills that I put to use throughout my campaign.

    Jen @ stage

  7. Recognition

    In 2015 I was the recipient of the “40 under 40” award presented the Ottawa Business Journal and Ottawa Chamber of Commerce but I have never won an MPI award. Over the years I have made countless memories, checked many things off my bucket list (tap dancing at NAC) and grown both personally and professionally and this is priceless.  

    Jen @ repeat wall

  8. Conferences

    I was part of the team that started The Event in 2017, the annual conference between 3 Canadian chapters. I am excited for The Event coming back in person in 2022 in Toronto. MPI encouraged me to travel internationally too; I have had the chance to attend WEC in San Francisco, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Toronto and virtually. These conferences were truly a highlight of my MPI experience.

    Jen @ The Event

  9. Networking

I have met amazing people through MPI. More than just a business relationship, I have made friends. During the pandemic, we’ve all realized the power of relationships.

Jen @ Table

Last Words

The business is building back up, we are hiring our staff members back. I have to be optimistic for 2022. The pandemic has taught us to be resilient and to survive. I don’t know what is next to come, but; I am ready to tackle the next adventure that comes my way.  

Article edited by Darlene Kelly-Stewart, Stonehouse Sales & Marketing Services



Jen McAndrew headshot
Jennifer McAndrew


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