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listopada 25, 2021
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Honorable Mention Chapter Award



MPI European Networking event - "Hybrid event - how to turn it into a treasure chest?"

14 stycznia, 2022
10:00 - 14:00
Virtual Event
Monika Dymacz

With the pandemic bringing about strict health and safety measures, the nature of events has definitely changed. Now, very often organizers have no choice but to conduct the usual events via virtual platforms. Some people are optimistic about this sudden shift, some not. Virtual events have proven to be scalable, safe, and cost-effective, and for sure they are here to stay. In fact, a hybrid event model, combining the rich experiences of an in-person event with the reach and convenience of a virtual event, is emerging as the new meeting standard. But it’s hard to deny that virtual and hybrid events come with their considerable share of complications, mainly technical and engagement difficulties. 

The webinar is meant to address these issues and try to find optimum solutions to them. Based on the survey run within MPI European network we have gathered some  experiences and insights. We are going to discuss them during our meeting and hopefully come up with the best approaches, how to cope with them and even more. During the event, our special guests from IT industry, venues, AV supplier and corporate world will share best practices on how to plan and run hybrid events and how to make the most of them for both organizers and their clients.

Join us on January the 14th at MEETING15 platform for some knowledge and networking opportunities! Let’s go hybrid and open this treasure chest together! 

Basic information:
1. Where? On MEETING15 platform: REGISTRATION 
Each participant will receive an individual access link, just after registration.

2. When? On January the 14th, from 10.00 till 14.00 (CET)

10.00 - 10.05 - Welcome from MPI Poland
10.05 - 10.40 - Ice-breaker and interactive fun (ZOOM application will be used)
10.40 - 12.00 - "Hybrid event - how to turn it into a treasure chest?". Facilitated by MPI Poland  with participation of invited guests, representing various event industry’s stakeholders. Tools and methods used: group discussion, polls, mini-games with prizes.
12.00 - 14.00 - Meetings 1:1, networking speed-dating


The beginning of 2022 promises to live our competences up to a higher level. Be with us, build relations in our network and get more confident with hybrid and virtual events! SEE YOU SOON

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