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July 11, 2024
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Past Presidents

Chartered in June 1985, MPI Sacramento/Sierra Nevada has grown in membership and stature, thanks to the member involvement and dedication of volunteers who serve on committees and in leadership roles.  We thank the following industry leaders who have served as President of MPI Sacramento/Sierra Nevada. 


Year(s) Served

MPI Sacramento/Sierra Nevada Past President

2022-2023Lauren Siring, CMP, CGMP
2021-2022Sulema Peterson
2020-2021Kelly Rocha
2019-2020Rachel Hickerson, CMP
2017-2019Lynda Sagar
2016-2017Felicia Price, CMP
2015-2016Jeff Dougherty
2014-2015Jennifer Flohr, CAE, CMP
2013-2014Kellie A. Schroeder, CAE, CMP
2012-2013Lisa Bispham, CMP
2011-2012Lauryl Hernandez, CMP
2010-2011Joy Florentino, CMP
2009-2010Amanda Flangas
2008-2009  Karen Leland-Dolce, CMM, CPA
2007-2008MaryAnne Bobrow, CMP, CAE, CMM
2006-2007Margie Starr, CMP
2005-2006Laura Bohannon, CMP, CMM
2004-2005Susan Buntjer, CMP
2003-2004Carol Berry, CMP
2002-2003Janet Waldie, CMP
2001-2002Chad Ammon
2000-2001Marie Coleman
1999-2000Sheri Thomas
1998-1999Jan Stieger, CMP
1997-1998Sharon Bock, CMP
1996-1997Julie Bianucci, CMP
1995-1996William McColgin, CMP, CHA
1994-1995Larry Jacinth, CMP
1993-1994Rena McDonald, CMP
1992-1993Sharon Noss, CMP
1991-1992David Stone, CMP
1990-1991Lynda Rahbar
1989-1990Bill Sprague, CMP
1988-1989David Schultz
1987-1988Mike Nolan
1986-1987Mike Nolan
1985-1986Marilyn Hauck, CMP

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