MPISSN Sip & Swirl Member Appreciation Event
July 11, 2024
Join us for our annual member appreciation event on July 11th!
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MPISSN's Swinging Soiree: 9-Hole Golf Tournament is NOW OPEN!
September 25, 2024
MPISSN's Swinging Soiree: 9-Hole Golf Tournament & Wine Tasting is on September 25th from 1PM-7PM

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Events Overview

Table Top Displays

MPI-Sacramento/Sierra Nevada provides a table at the luncheon meetings for use by meeting sponsors to display materials about their organization and service.  Sponsorship and display arrangements are made by MPI staff before the sponsored meeting.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation notice of attendance at a meeting must be received by MPI-Sacramento/Sierra Nevada’s office at least three (3) working days before the meeting.  MPI-Sacramento/Sierra Nevada members may elect to receive a refund (see refund policy below) or may receive credit toward the next meeting.


No Show Policy

No refunds are given for pre-paid members or guests who fail to cancel within the prescribed time and do not attend the monthly meeting.


Non-Member Attendance

Anyone who is not a preferred or premier-level member is required to pay the non-chapter member rates for events and is limited to no more than two events in one fiscal year at the non-chapter member rate. 


Replacement for Pre-Paid Member Registrant

If an MPI-Sacramento/Sierra Nevada member prepays for and is unable to attend a meeting, a replacement from the same organization may attend.  If the replacement is not an MPI-Sacramento/Sierra Nevada member, the difference in fee must be paid.  If payment cannot be made at the time of the meeting, invoicing may be arranged.


Definition for the term Pre-Paid Registrant

A pre-paid registrant is a member or guest who has notified MPI-Sacramento/Sierra Nevada of attendance at an event and has provided the MPI office with the fee for the event before the announced cut-off date stated in the advertisement for the event.


Refund Policy

The following constitutes MPI-Sacramento/Sierra Nevada’s refund policy for programs, workshops, and special events other than monthly luncheon programs.

  1. Refunds will be made when cancellations have been received a minimum of three days before the event.
  2. A ten-dollar ($10.00) handling charge will be deducted from all refunds.
  3. Refund policy items #1 and #2 above must be stated on all registration forms for all events of this type.


Drawings/Raffle Eligibility

All MPI-Sacramento/Sierra Nevada members and guests (Planners and Suppliers) are eligible to participate in all raffles and/or drawings conducted during any MPI-Sacramento/Sierra Nevada meeting or event unless such participation is prohibited by law.


Distribution of Material

The only materials distributed to participants at MPI-Sacramento/Sierra Nevada events will be materials related to MPI-sponsored events or projects.  Literature from a sponsor may be included as part of the donated centerpieces.  Others who wish to distribute information at tables or on chairs at meetings will instead be encouraged to advertise in the newsletter, advertise on this website, or purchase mailing labels from the chapter.  This policy does not preclude the dissemination of materials to members during the networking period of an event.


Special Workshops and Other Educational Programs

Special workshops and other education programs may be held in conjunction with a monthly luncheon meeting or on a separate date.




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