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MPI Sacramento Sierra Nevada Inclusion Statement

By: MPISSN | Jun 9, 2020

June 9, 2020

Racism and exclusion of any kind is unjust, and the acts of violence that have transpired against the black community are unforgivable. The death of George Floyd has caused great pain for communities around the world as well as members of our MPI family. This and other recent acts have magnified pervasive social problems related to racism.

MPI Sacramento Sierra Nevada supports the fundamental thought that Meeting Professionals International has always invoked, which is that we stand for inclusion. More than 20 years ago, MPI International created the Principles of Professionalism, focused on “respecting diversity” – embracing and fostering an inclusive business climate of respect for all people.  As board members of MPI Sacramento Sierra Nevada we have a responsibility to uphold these principles and lead by example in our practices. 

There is much to learn and even more to do. To ensure our way forward is aligned with the needs of all our communities, MPI International recently established their Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee and forged a partnership with the National Coalition of Black Meeting Professionals. On the local level, MPI SSN relies upon these foundational forces and alliances to help us inform our actions and ensure the advancement of our industry and our community of professionals – of people – through initiatives that offer support to current members and those in our future.

Racial injustice, revoked freedoms and discriminatory treatment need to be addressed with a commitment to action and justice. While we do not know the answers, we strive to be part of the solution by serving as an example of positive change everywhere. The leadership and membership of MPI SSN will continue to commit to supporting our entire professional family to create spaces filled with empathy, encouragement, and equity for our peers, their families, and our entire community. 







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