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Volunteer Spotlight- Kimber Chavez!

Kimber Chavez

By: MPISSN | Dec 11, 2022

Congratulations to Kimber Chavez

She is our volunteer of the quarter due to all her work soliciting strategic partnerships for our chapter! Get to know Kimber!

Tell us about your role at UCDavis and how your career in meetings began.

In 1994 I applied for a 50% clerk typist position at UC Davis Health in a department call Continuing Medical Education (CME)  – not knowing anything about events planning or what CME was. I was just looking to get my foot in the door at UC Davis Health System. Once I got the job and understood what meeting planning was, I knew I found my career job. I met my role model, Cynthia Wilcox and I supported 3 meeting planners and learned from each of them.  I signed up for the CSUS Event Planning certificate course and was on my way. I was in the CME Department for 20 years when the Department of Ophthalmology asked me to apply to be their event manager.  To round out a 30 year career, my final 10 years have been in Ophthalmology planning CME and fun department and donor events.

What do you like the most in what you do?

I love knowing that my meetings facilitate the education of physicians to learn how to better treat their patients.  I also love the instant gratification of a job well done – especially when I have had to go to Plan B, C, or D!

How did you become interested in the meeting industry, and how have you been involved in the industry?

Once in the CME department I attended the 1995 Annual Installation dinner where my role model, Cynthia Wilcox, received the Planner of the Year award. Sitting in the audience I knew I wanted one of those! So, I became a member of MPI Sacramento and found my mentor Laura Bohannon. She encouraged me to join a committee and the board of directors. My dream came true in 2004 when the 2003 planner of the year, Laura Bohannon, announced my name for planner of the year. It was such an honor to receive the award from the chapter and to have Laura introduce and honor my accomplishments. I continued to be on the board of directors for many years.

What has helped you to be successful in your career? 

Being a member of MPI helped but getting involved on board of directors and being active on committees gave me tools to advance my career. I joined committees for tasks I wasn’t familiar with, like the Social Media committee. It was new and I needed help understanding best practices. That’s when Jeff Dougherty reached out and offered to teach me how this new social media craze could help to maximize our marketing strategies.

Tell us about your chapter recognitions you have been honored within MPISSN, and what have you seen as an outcome of these achievements?

  • 2001 Chapter Leader of the Year
  • 2004 Planner of the Year

What advice do you have for those that are interested in getting involved and what are you excited about in the year ahead?

The best way to get involved is to become a member of MPI and more importantly, join committees and the board of directors. I am honored to have been asked to join the BOD and support our current chapter president, Lauren Siring, as my final year as a member of MPISSN.  I look forward to retiring in 2024 and hope to stay involved in event planning during retirement.

What value do you see in giving your time to MPISSN and what can others gain from participating?

The relationships I formed during my career and membership in MPI have given me invaluable lessons, education, and lifelong friendships for almost 30 years. The educational sessions, industry partnerships and advice from fellow planners and suppliers formed my success in the events industry.

Are you a volunteer for any other organizations beyond MPISSN?  

I volunteer with Building Industry Association, Greater Valley and Northstate chapters.

Do you have a favorite vacation spot or hobby?

I love gardening and making jewelry while at home, but love to travel with by husband Rey. I am writing this from Grand Cayman Island. We love to travel to Monterey and Hawaii to hunt for seaglass to use for making jewelry and crafts.

Thank you, Kimber for your amazing work this quarter (and beyond) for the MPI Sacramento/Sierra Nevada Chapter. 





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