MPISSN's Swinging Soiree: 9-Hole Golf Tournament is NOW OPEN!
September 25, 2024
MPISSN's Swinging Soiree: 9-Hole Golf Tournament & Wine Tasting is on September 25th from 1PM-7PM

Overall Excellence Chapter Award



WEC 2024

May 22, 2025
Louisville, Kentucky

Experience matters. People crave authentic experiences in the events they attend, and those events need experienced pros to craft them. That means you.

You're in luck: there won't be a more spirited event experience in 2024 than MPI's WEC Louisville. Event professionals are our audience, so you know we're getting this right.

Speaking the local language, this is an event distilled for the distillers. Through its actionable education and vibrant participants, you'll mix the right know-how with the right know-who, a success cocktail as refreshing as a Mint Julep and as satisfying as an Old Fashioned.

But there's nothing old-fashioned about WEC's programming. It's future-focused, adventurous and built for honing your strategic event mindset. Our mantra: we take the event risks so you don't have to. Our goal: for ideas, insights and innovation to flow through every aspect—and every participant—of WEC, like Bourbon through the streets of its host city.

By day three of WEC, you'll be brighter, connected, and ready to distill what you’ve learned and whom you've met into invaluable takeaways and lasting business relationships. You'll hone your craft so you can craft unique experiences that your attendees will want to raise a glass to.

Experience matters. Craft yours at WEC Louisville.

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