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Overall Excellence Chapter Award



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Awards & Scholarships

MPI Sacramento/Sierra Nevada celebrates our members' involvement and recognizes excellence throughout the year through a number of special awards. For those interested in applying for scholarships from Meeting Professionals International visit MPI Global for more information.


Chapter Leader of the Year Award

The purpose of the Chapter Leader of the Year Award is to recognize the local commitment and outstanding service of a chapter member.

The MPI Sacramento/Sierra Nevada Awards Committee considers the ability of the recipient to encourage volunteer participation within the chapter, contribute to organization direction and act as a catalyst to cause exceptional results that benefit the local chapter.

Chapter Officers, Board Members and Committee Chairs are eligible to receive this award. View the leadership roster.  Both planner and supplier members are eligible.  Service in MPI Sacramento/Sierra Nevada in prior years will be considered but the individual must currently be serving in a designated leadership role within the organization.

How to Nominate
Staff will send a nomination form to past year’s Board Members and Committee Chairs. Award winner is announced at the September luncheon

1993 Grady O’Hara, CMP
1994Sharon Noss, CMP
1995Julie Bianucci, CMP
1996Cheryl Cox
1997Sharon Bock, CMP
1998Laurie Carney
1999Susan Crane
2000Wendy Chynoweth, CMP
2001Kimber Chavez, CMP
2002Laura Bohannon, CMP
2003Roberta Campbell 
2004Susan Buntjer, CMP
2005MaryAnne Bobrow, CAE, CMP, CMM 
2006Hillary Burton
2007Amy Orr, CMP 
2008Litza Coughlin, MAS 
2009Amanda Flangas
2010Theresa Stamey
2011Becky McGuire
2012Jennifer Flohr, CAE, CMP
2013Jeff Dougherty
2014Mary Cook, CMP
2015Lynda Sagar

Planner and Supplier of the Year Award

The MPI Sacramento/Sierra Nevada Planner and Supplier of the Year selections are made based on dedication to furthering the goals of the MPI Sacramento/Sierra Nevada chapter, MPI and the meetings industry, professionalism and career involvement.  Selection is not based entirely on a single year contributions.

Any MPI Sacramento/Sierra Nevada planner or suppler member in good standing may be nominated for Planner or Supplier of the Year. Past recipients may be nominated for an additional award after seven years.

How To Nominate
A nomination survey will be sent out to MPISSN members in the fall. Each nominee will be asked to submit information about his or her activities, achievements and experience by a specific date. Award winners are announced at the November luncheon


1986-1987Helen Powell
1987-1988Kaye Griggs, CMP
1988-1989William Sprague, CMP
1989-1990Barbara Davis, CMP
1990-1991Rena McDonald, CMP
1991-1992Becky Castillo, CMP
1992-1993 Larry Jacinth, CMP
1993-1994Jan Stieger, CMP
1994-1995Cynthia Wilcox, CMP
1995-1996Sharon Bock, CMP
1996-1997Julie Bianucci, CMP
1997-1998Marie Coleman and Pam Grey, CMP 
1998-1999Ken Merchant, CMP
1999-2000Marilyn Hauck, CMP
2000-2001Carol Berry, CMP
2001-2002Debbie Pate-Newberry, CMP
2002-2003Laura Bohannon, CMP
2003-2004Kimber Chavez, CMP 
2004-2005Carolyn Tienken, CMP
2005-2006MaryAnne Bobrow, CAE, CMP, CMM
2006-2007Susan Buntjer, CMP
2007-2008Amy Orr, CMP
2008-2009Roberta Campbell
2009-2010Heather Tanfani, CMP
2010-2011Laura Deorio, CMP
2011-2012Kellie A. Schroeder, CMP, CAE
2012-2013Robin Rinehart
2013-2014Felicia Price, CMP
2014-2015Jennifer Flohr, CMP, CAE
2015-2016Deb Kurtti
2016-2017Paula Currie, CMP
2017-2018Cynthia DeOliver, CMP
2018-2019Jessica Counts
1986-1987Lynda Rahbar
1987-1988Carolyn Muller Brown
1988-1989Cheryl Cox
1989-1990David Stone, CMP
1990-1991Gail Sutton
1991-1992Tina Miranda
1992-1993 William McColgin, CHA, CMP
1993-1994Susan Crane
1994-1995Litza Coughlin, MAS
1995-1996Patty Arteaga, CMP
1996-1997Sheri Thomas
1997-1998Shelly Nelson, CMP
1998-1999Dori Andreoni
1999-2000Terri Schrader, CMP
2000-2001Wendy Hand
2001-2002Tracy Saunders, CMP
2002-2003Janet Waldie, CMP
2003-2004Kris Keesling-Long, CMP
2004-2005Karen Leland-Dolce
2005-2006Joy Florentino, CMP
2006-2007Hillary Burton
2007-2008Amanda Flangas
2008-2009Margie Starr, CMP
2009-2010Ed Mahoney
2010-2011Lynda Sagar
2011-2012Jennifer Mann
2012-2013Paula Higgins
2013-2014Robert Best
2014-2015Kristine Van Winkle
2015-2016Jeff Dougherty
2016-2017Lauren Siring, CMP
2017-2018Karalee Adams
2018-2019Nominations in progress!

President's Award

Started in 2006, the purpose of the President's Award is to recognize a member who has provided exceptional support to the President in the execution of his/her duties.  It is given out at the sole discretion of the out-going President during the Annual Silent Auction and Officer Installation Dinner. 

Rising Star Award

The purpose of the Rising Star Award is to recognize a member who has devoted exceptional time and effort to MPI Sacramento/Sierra Nevada although not serving in a leadership position.  It is these devoted members who will become the future leaders of MPI-Sacramento/Sierra Nevada.

All MPI Sacramento/Sierra Nevada members in good standing are eligible, except if serving as a MPI Sacramento/Sierra Nevada officer, board member or committee chair. Vice Chairs are eligible.

How To Nominate
Staff will send a nomination form to past year’s Board Members and Committee Chairs. Award winner is announced at the September luncheon.


1994Ken Merchant, CMP
1995Ed Skapinok
1996Pam Grey, CMP
1997Peggy Brown
1998Margie Starr, CMP
1999Chad Ammon
2001Lisa Burge
2003Hillary Burton
2004Cindi Williams
2005Joy Florentino, CMP
2006Sara Maitri
2007Anita Shumaker, CMT
2008Teresa Fung 
2009Robert Best
2010Kellie Schroeder
2011Denise Yee
2012Debra Kurtti and Laura Thomas
2013Jenn Wheaton
2014Michael Hutchings
2015Rich Heitke, CMP

Crystal Platter Award

This award recognizes the venues that host our monthly luncheon meetings. All of our hosts go far above and beyond the norm to help ensure the success of our meetings. This award was developed to call attention to their dedication and sponsorship of our Chapter. Luncheon attendees evaluate the venues throughout the year and results are tabulated to determine the most outstanding in the area of facility, service, and food and beverage. Award winner is announced at the September luncheon.


2001Holiday Inn Northeast
2002Red Lion Sacramento Inn
2003Sacramento Marriott Rancho Cordova
2004Hyatt Regency Sacramento
2005Sheraton Grand Sacramento
2006Sacramento Marriott Rancho Cordova
2007Hyatt Regency Sacramento
2008Delta King Hotel
2009Sheraton Grand Hotel
2010Hyatt Regency Sacramento
2011Sheraton Grand Hotel
2012Mulvaney's B&L
2013Sacramento Association of Realtors' Mack Powell Event Center
2014Holiday Inn Sacramento - Capitol Plaza
2015Arden Hills Country Club

Longevity Pins

Purpose To recognize MPI Sacramento/Sierra Nevada members who have been with the chapter for any consecutive amount of time in increments of five years. Pins will be presented at the September and April functions. 


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