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March 20, 2024
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April 10, 2024
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MPI Email Signature Line Affiliation Badges

How to add an MPI Sacramento/Sierra Nevada Affiliation Badge to your Email Signature Line


1. Open an email

2. Copy your existing signature

3. On the top click the signature icon:


4. Click “Signatures….”

5. Click “New”

6. Name it “MPI” and hit “Ok”

7. Now paste your existing signature in the open box

8. Copy and paste the appropriate MPI Badge below your signature.  If you saved it to your computer, you can click the picture icon and insert it that way.

9. If not selected, click on the MPI badge you just inserted to select it

10. Click on the hyperlink icon


11. “Next to Address:” type and hit ok.

12. Hit “Save”

13. Select which signatures you want.  I recommend you use: “MPI” for “New Messages” and “MPI” or whatever you want for “Replies/Forwards”


14. Hit “Save”


Please feel free to resize badge if you want it to be a little smaller.  Right click on the badge below and click "Save as Picture" and save the badge to your computer.


Check back soon for the image with the new chapter logo


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