An Inside Out Strategy to Managing Your Life in an Uncertain World 

Discover new ways to manage your life with Sara Harvey, Gallup Certified Clifton Strengths Coach, and the founder of INNERtelligence as she speaks about self-awareness, emotional intelligence, conscious communication, and authentic leadership. Often we ignore the wisdom that inherently exists within us. Our minds, bodies, and emotions are valuable sources of intelligence. Join MPISD on September 15, as we learn how to cultivate a connection to the biological systems, resources, tools, and talents that exist within us, so that we may begin to empower ourselves and take back a sense of control.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

1. Shift your mindset from one of external validation to one of internal empowerment.
2. Discover what’s available within you and accessible 24/7 as a resource to manage a stressful life.
3. Learn four personal practices that build resilience and stability in an uncertain world.


Sara Harvey
Innertelligence Coaching
Sara Harvey for Cvent
I'm Sara. Conscious Business Owner. Gallup Strengths Leadership Coach. Leadership Team Trainer. Chopra Center Meditation and Mind-Body Health Instructor. Inspirational Speaker. I believe everyone has a unique purpose to fulfill. I believe differences are a tremendous advantage. I believe in saying yes to opportunities before having all the answers. I believe self-awareness is a way of being. It need not be declared. I believe in the power of silence. I believe in the power of silence. I believe love is the best thing there is. I believe in hard work. I believe in asking for help. I believe we are better together. Whoever you are, I believe in you. Do you?