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New Member Spotlight - Scott Furda

By: MPISTL | May 1, 2018

Scott FurdaScott Furda is one of our newest members. He is a National Sales Manager at Paramount Convention Services. Paramount is a full-service trade show decorator and general contractor. They produce expositions, conventions and corporate events coast to coast. Scott has been in the industry for 13 years and with Paramount for four months.

Scott started in the industry as a Freelance Event Operator, later taking a full-time position as a Sr. Travel Director with Maritz Travel. He moved to project management for a few companies, then got into the technology side of the business, managing RFID badging, session scanning and lead retrieval. Scott met with employees from Paramount and instantly knew he found a new home.

When asked what the best part of his job is, he states, "Every day and every show is different, one day I may have a show with 100 booths and the next, I may have 10 poster boards being delivered. It keeps things from becoming routine and keeps me on my toes."

Scott says the biggest benefit of being a member right now is the networking. He is taking time to check out the message boards on the MPI Global website. He finds the sharing of information and diverse community to be a great resource that he did not know existed. After attending a few MPI functions, Scott is pleased with the people he met that can speak well of their venues and properties. This allows him to better approach the business with a full understanding of what he can offer his clients.

Scott hails from Trenton, NJ and has been in St. Louis for 6.5 years. While he misses the northeast, he thinks St. Louis is a very underrated city that does not get a fair shake by a lot of people.

When asked what he does in his spare time, he said, "I like to channel my inner Bob Vila and try to fix and add things around the house. Sometimes it doesn't turn out quite like what I had planned, but I still try. I also really like to cook and entertain and am looking forward to the summer, so I can break in my new patio."

Welcome to MPI St. Louis, Scott!




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