October 29, 2020
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The Path Forward - A Winding Road with Some Speed Bumps



Member Spotlight


Shining Star - Jodie Gilbert

MPISTL | Oct 1, 2020
We are excited to announce that our September Shining Star is Jodie Gilbert!

Shining Star - Michelle Robinson

MPISTL | Jul 15, 2020
We are excited to announce that our July Shining Star is Michelle Robinson!

New Member Spotlight - Adam Jaschek

MPISTL | Jun 15, 2020
Please welcome Adam Jaschek to MPI St. Louis. Adam joined MPI last month!

New Member Spotlight - Sarah Moran

MPISTL | May 13, 2020
Please welcome Sarah Moran to MPI St. Louis. Sarah is the Corporate Marketing Manager for World Wide Technology...

Shining Star - Katelyn Ruggeri

MPISTL | Apr 7, 2020
We are excited to announce that our April Shining Star is Katelyn DeNap Ruggeri!

New Member Spotlight - Todd Lazarus

MPISTL | Mar 11, 2020
Please welcome Todd Lazarus to MPI St. Louis.

Rising Star - Suzie Ball

MPISTL | Mar 11, 2020
This month we recognize Suzie Ball as our Rising Star.

New Member Spotlight - Katie Mack

MPISTL | Jan 16, 2020
Please welcome Katie Mack to MPI St. Louis.

New Member Spotlight - Kristine Gipperich

MPISTL | Dec 4, 2019
Please welcome Kristine Gipperich to MPI St. Louis.

Rising Star - Jen Eichhorn

MPISTL | Nov 5, 2019
This month we recognize Jen Eichhorn as our Rising Star!

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