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MPI St. Louis wants you to feel great about volunteering for your chapter. Members volunteer because they want to contribute, support a cause and enjoy the relationships.


All active members are encouraged to increase their engagement with the Chapter by volunteering with Chapter Leaders and peers. Through volunteer opportunities, members develop their industry skillset and gain valuable education, build relationships and increase their network of industry professionals, as well as support the growth of the Chapter and its members. Included below are all Committees and volunteer positions within the Chapter. If you have interest in joining one of the noted Committees, or wish to volunteer in a specific role, please reach out to the Membership Team for connection to the appropriate Chapter Leader.


Member Spotlights
In this role, the committee member facilitates collecting information and assists with writing social media posts and Chapter newsletter articles on Member Achievements, such as My MPI, Meet the Board and Rising Star Spotlights.

Social Media Posts
This committee member contributes to the member communication strategy by creating social media posts announcing Chapter initiatives and events. They’ll help highlight current membership promotions, share save the dates for upcoming programs and networking events, promote event registration and reminders, and develop post-event recaps. 

Video Capture
The volunteer in this role will be responsible for capturing photos and shooting videos at Chapter events. The content collected will be shared on the Chapter’s social channels.

    Contact: Bridget Bitza


    EduCon Committee
    General Expectations and Timing:
    EduCon planning cycle runs approximately 6-8 months. Commitment varies based on role and proximity to the event. Each committee member can expect monthly meetings of 30-60 minutes during that timeframe, 1-3 hours/month of additional planning support, and attendance at the annual EduCon event.

    SPEAKER Subcommittee (1-2 members)
    Goal: Researching and sharing motivating, informational and engaging speakers is ongoing. The board leaders and committee will assist with suggestions as well.
    • Dual role in leading a coordinated speaker strategy for all MPI St. Louis education events (Monthly programs and EduCon)
    • List of prospective speakers/topics should have been heard by committee/board members or another reliable source (another chapter).
    Action Points:  
    • Send out RFPs to list of prospective speakers – determine our “Hot” Speaker wish list (once venue is determined). It will include AV info. and any special requests if booked.
    • Organize speaker info.
    • RFP will have a deadline 
    • Look for a wide array of relevant Speaker Topics 
    • Review Speaker Budget 
    • Speaker review meeting 
    • Follow-up with confirmed speakers regarding transportation, accommodations and ensuring speaker receives gift (1 person should be liaison for speaker before day of event).
    COMMUNICATIONS Subcommittee (1-2 members)
    Goal: Serve as liaison to the VP Communications and committee to share information specific to EduCon. Outline timeline for marketing opportunities via social media post descriptions, Cvent registration details, chapter newsletter articles. This information will be sent to director and chair to send to communications of the chapter board or MPISTL.
    Action Points:  
    • Brainstorm ideas on increasing member and non-member attendance
    • Save the Date – change details from prior year
    • Write monthly @mpistl article teasers about event/speakers 
    • Coordinate information for the agenda
    • Update existing news releases
    • Set social media posting and Cvent calendar
    • Assign Early Bird Call List
    • Find association lists to send updates (HSMAI, ISES, MSAE, MME)
    • Work on slides for day of event w/speaker/sponsorship committee chair 
    • Arrange signage for the event (list sponsors, agenda, room assignments)
    TABLETOP/IN KIND SPONSORS Subcommittee (1-2 members)
    Goal: This committee is responsible for contacting previous sponsors and in-kind donors along with prospective sponsors for Education.
    Action Points:  
    • Update and maintain prospective sponsorship chart for EduCon.
    • Align with the MPI St. Louis Area Chapter SPM program and work collaboratively to ensure all benefits of these sponsorships are fulfilled by EduCon committee.
    • Assign call list
    • Identify 5-10 tabletop sponsors and secure in-kind sponsorships specific to EduCon.
    • Review additional in-kind sponsors with timeline – previous sponsors get 1st right of refusal
      • AV sponsorship
      • Attendee/Speaker Gifts
      • Linen donations
      • Centerpiece donations
      • Hotel Rooms for Speakers
      • Speaker Transportation
    • Update sponsorship letter and benefits package
    • Collect all sponsor logos and descriptions to be shared with Communications
    • Work with Communications in acquiring other association lists to send sponsor letter
    • Invoice Sponsors (with MPISTL) to secure funds prior to the event
    EVENT ONSITE Subcommittee (3-4 members)
    Goal: Provide lead logistical support for the event, coordinating with all committees to ensure a successful event execution.

    Action Points:  
    • Attend venue site visit (TBD dates)
    • Review all logistical details prior to event in collaboration with Venue committee.
    • Define and assign volunteer roles for day of event.  Recruit additional volunteers as needed.
    • Lead pre-con with venue and suppliers, establishing expectations and goals for event.
    • Attend Educon for full duration of event as a working team member.
    • Additional support as requested from VP Education, Director EduCon

    Contact: Valerie Fox, CMP

    Special Events

    The Special Events committee of the St. Louis Chapter of MPI oversees the planning and executing of the chapter’s two fundraising events for the fiscal year. The funds raised from the events are essential to the chapter’s budget. The two events are Glow Bingo, held in the fall, and Trivia, held in late winter/early spring. The committee helps solicit auction items, plan out the logistics, and works day of the event to help make sure the event is a success. The committee will meet monthly to touch base, but know that heavier workloads will be in the months leading up to the event, while there may be quiet time in the other months. 

    Committee members may serve in more than once subcommittee!

    Committee Roles:
    • Silent Auction Subcommittee (3-4 volunteers)
      • The silent auction subcommittee is in charge of soliciting all items for the auction, bundling them into packages, and creating descriptions for the packages. 
      • Committee members will be given a template solicitation letter, MPI Chapter Information, and a record of all past donations to help them in their soliciting. 
      • Soliciting for items should begin 2-3 months before the event, if able. 
      • At least one member of this subcommittee should be available the night of the event (s) to monitor the silent auction table in order to answer any questions, make sure bids are accurate and assist with pulling the final bid sheets when the auction closes. 
    • Venue Liaison (1 volunteer)
      • The venue liaison will assist the Director of Special Events in putting out RFPs for the events. 
      • They are welcome to join on pre-event site visits and assist in communication with the venue in advance of the event. 
      • Assist in making decisions on venue layout, event capacity, etc. 
      • Be a point person for the committee if they should have any venue related questions for the event. 
    • Experience Subcommittee (2-3 volunteers)
      • This subcommittee will oversee coming up with an event theme for Trivia Night! The whole committee will vote on options provided by the experience subcommittee. 
      • Assign committee members to assist in creating the questions for each trivia round.
      • Create a decorations plan for each event.
      • Work with Director of Special Events to secure décor vendors and the Venue Liaison to be sure all decorations are in line with contract stipulations. 
      • Assist in setup and teardown of the event. 
    • Raffles and Dollar Game Committee (4 volunteers)
      • This committee’s main role will be to assist the night of each event! They will help collect money for Dollar Games played and sell raffle tickets to all guests. 

    Contact: Haley Clark

    Strategic Partnership Marketing

    How would you like to work on the team that generates the funding for all the amazing programming our MPI St. Louis Chapter produces annually for our members including:

    • Funding to bring top-notch speakers to our monthly events and EduCon conference
    • Funding for MPI membership scholarships (Bob Green scholarships)
    • Funding for the day-to-day operations of the chapter
    As a member of the Strategic Partner Marketing (SPM) committee you’ll be working to enable our chapter to keep bringing our members the great education and networking opportunities you’ve come to expect from your MPI St. Louis membership.

    We have two openings now for Sponsorship Fulfillment associates on the SPM committee. This 2-3 hour per month commitment includes the following responsibilities:

    • Contacting and maintaining relationships with our current SPM partners
    • Communicating sponsor benefits and making sure our sponsors are receiving their benefits.
    • Coordinating with our Association Management Company, Q&A Business solutions, to assist on fulfilling SPM sponsorship package commitments.
    • Working with/updating SPM Chairperson on sponsorship fulfillment tasks
    • Sponsorship updating & tracking in SPM Google Doc
    Please reach out to Rob Brice, SPM Chairperson to discuss this opportunity in more detail. I look forward to hearing from you!
      Contact: Robert Brice


      Member Care Committee
      • Annual awards dinner (Circle of Excellence Awards)
        • Volunteer will support in the planning and execution of the Annual MPISTL Awards celebration, approximately 1-2 hours per month, with additional hours during the month of the event.
      • MPI After 5
        • Volunteer will attend networking events (approx 4 per calendar year) to foster member relationships and support in volunteer recruitment efforts.
      • Member Care Communications
        • Volunteer will provide 1 hour per month contacting new and existing members at the direction of the Director Member Care. This could include general MPI questions, specific member feedback campaigns (i.e. survey responses), and targeted volunteer recruitment effort.
      • Member Relationships & Culture
        • Volunteer will support Director Member Care in efforts related to member benefits, stewardship, and recognition. Support the overall goals of the committee to build MPI community and pride in the chapter.

      Recruitment & Retention Committee

      • Membership Renewal Communications
        • Volunteer will spend up to 3 hours per month contacting members that are due for renewal or have a delinquent membership. All individuals will be emailed. Follow-up calls will be made as needed. The volunteer will collect member feedback and renewal intentions and share with the Director of Member Recruitment and Retention.
      • Member Engagement Communications
        • Volunteer will spend up 2 hours per month contacting members that attended the monthly meeting or event to thank them for their participation, invite them to future events, and share all open volunteer positions. An additional hour will be spent contacting members unable to attend the event to share upcoming opportunities to connect with the Chapter and inquire about ways they’d like to be involved (10 members per month). All member feedback will be shared with the Director of Member Recruitment and Retention.
      • Prospect Management & Resource Development
        • Volunteer will spend 1 hour per month contacting member prospects, pulling from the pool of meeting and event guests and noted professionals in the St. Louis Area, to invite them to events or a call to discuss the benefits of the Chapter. The volunteer will be responsible for updating the prospect tracker monthly. In addition to outreach, this member will work with the Director of Member Recruitment and Retention to develop messaging and resources for guests, prospects and new members to help them navigate Chapter events, networking and highlight ways to get involved at the start of their MPI journey.

      Contact: Cara McGuire, CMP

      Volunteers Power MPI
      Through volunteer roles, MPI members forge meaningful connections, take leadership roles, and contribute to the industry.

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