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June Tech Talk - Tracking Apps

By: MPISTL | Jun 7, 2019

School’s out for summer! Ah, I used to love the excitement of kids being home, lazy summer days, watermelon suppers, and evening sunsets...until I started working in the event industry. Don’t get me wrong, I still love those things but May and June in my world, also mean an intense increase in event business, conferences, schedule shifts and severe storms that wreak havoc on flights and outdoors activities. So, what does this have to do with technology? Thank goodness for it – and with all of the apps and online services that are available, I am able to navigate through all of it – no matter where I am in the spectrum of our crazy lives.

I’m a busy mom and freelancer. I do a lot of shopping online personally and professionally. Renting a lens? Lensrental.com. Printing out napkins for an event? Foryourparty.com. Need a new outfit for graduation? Stitchfix.com. I have more packages coming in and out of my house than UPS. One of the latest ones I’ve connected to my Google account is Arrive. It lets me know when packages are delivered and signed for all from one location. I’m on the road? Package has been delivered. Need a tracking number? It’s all on one app. No emails, just text notifications and I’m onto the next project.

Life 360 is another great app that can be used to track people. I know, sounds a little big brother-ish. I use it primarily to keep up with my two teenage daughters. One is driving, the other is a social butterfly. However, Life 360 can also be a great tool for transportation logistics. Set up a group for your transportation fleet and keep track of where everyone is located so you can send out accurate notifications to guests. The Sundance Film Festival is a specific example that can work well with this. Attendees ascend on Park City for movie premiers, celebrity sightings, outdoor activities and dinners. Trying to send out a fleet of vehicles to transport everyone around can get tricky. As long at the driver has his phone on, the transportation hub at the hotel can keep track of where all drivers are and notify guests when they request a pickup. Couldn’t get any easier than that.

I’d love to hear what apps you are using to keep track of your busy lives. Drop me a line and share at connie@conniescheer.com. Happy tracking!

Connie Scheer
Freelance Content Creator and Planner for Branding and Events








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