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Here's how you can convince your manager that WEC Louisville is not only THE event for event professionals, it's a worthwhile investment for your company:

You're bright. WEC will make you brighter

Powered by the MPI Academy and led by the event industry's best, WEC Louisville features innovative sessions on event design, technology & AI, sustainable events, sales & marketing, event fundamentals, executive-level education, and more. It also features interactive workshops and campfire sessions, enriching you with new skills and understanding of how strategic meetings and events can propel your company forward. Once you return from WEC Louisville, you'll immediately incorporate these new skills into day-to-day operations.

Do Your Homework

Identify the strengths, skills and capabilities you bring to your organization, then match WEC's offerings by browsing the education sessions and the suppliers exhibiting in the WEC Market, highlighting the ones most applicable to your business. Demonstrate how attending WEC Louisville can help you grow professionally and expand your network. Once you return, you can tap into that knowledge and network for new opportunities to drive your organization forward.

The Ultimate Team Offsite

Who says you need to go to WEC alone? Invite your whole team and turn it into a company offsite. Because of today's varied nature of work environments—remote, hybrid, in-office—some team-bonding can be just what the doctor ordered. The result? Your team returns to the office ready to hit the ground running with all its newfound knowledge and connections.

Make it Formal

If you need to write a formal request letter, we have a Convince Your Boss letter. Simply fill out the email form above for access)—feel free to customize as needed.



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