Pamela Schuller

F_______ Your Fears!

4:00-5:00 PM

May 20, 2024

What personal and professional risks scare you? Have you successfully conquered those fear? It took Pamela Schuller a lifetime living with a severe neurological disorder to beat hers, and in doing so, creating a roadmap to make that journey easier for others. Tourette Syndrome gave her no choice but to do things that terrified her—like barking in public! Over time, she has learned to embrace herself and through that journey, she has discovered that the more we embrace our “messy” parts, the more we can leverage our individuality and unique talents to conquer goals. Pamela’s story is one of finding creativity and success not despite—but because of!—her disability. Explore YOUR resources, examine what risks terrify you and step confidently into challenges. Find out what it looks like to get out of your own way and F___ Your Fears!

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