Better Together: How to Build a Culture of Belonging

4:45-6:00 PM

May 22, 2024

The landscape of leadership and organizations has changed. Whether in a corporate or volunteer setting, team members and clients want a sense of community and belonging. However, building this kind of culture doesn’t happen on its own; rather it's based on action.

To take action, Princess Sarah Culberson draws from her personal experience as an adopted child growing up in a bi-racial family, as well as understanding a whole new culture when she discovered that she was a real-life princess in Sierra Leone. In addition to this inspiring journey, she harnesses her experience as an entrepreneur in entertainment and gaming.

Your takeaway? You'll learn to elevate yourself by elevating those around you and navigate with compassion and humanity to listen, learn and drive decisions. Building a culture of belonging is more than top-down leadership; Princess Sarah focuses on empowering YOU, the individual, to take action and build a culture that is meaningful, passionate and sustainable.

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