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Sustainable & Accessible Events - November 12, 2019

10:45am - 1:30pm


The importance of Sustainable & Accessible Events is becoming more and more important. We cannot wait for this session.

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Wanda Harbin of the Rick Hansen Foundation - Accessibility Certification - will discuss:
- What’s happening within our province for Person’s with Disabilities. This will include, Relevant legislation, regulations and standards that have been implemented.
- Accessibility and Barriers and the impact of the social and physical environment on people with disabilities.
- Changing demographics within our province and how this will affect the Built Environment.
- What do we mean by Meaningful Access?
- What should you know about accessibility when planning Events.
- Sensitivity Awareness when serving people with Disabilities.

For those registering to attend the event, please come early to see a short demonstration of leading edge, automated translation software powered by Worldwide Tech Connections. This powerful software eliminates the need for sound proof booths while quality translation into 78 languages can be delivered with or without interpreters.

Anyone attending this education session will receive a ballot for the chance to win 2 tickets to see former-President Obama speak on November 13th at Scotiabank Centre. As an added bonus, anyone who arrives early for the Worldwide Tech presentation will receive an extra ballot.


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