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Tips for sourcing for healthier meetings

By: Kristina Tarantino, CMP and The Health & Wellness Forum | Oct 15, 2019

health1Designing a healthy meeting requires thoughtful and purposeful thinking. The first step of your strategy should begin with sourcing. How do you find a property that can accommodate your healthy meeting goals and also ensure that what you have planned will be delivered? As planners, we know this starts with the contract. The first steps are to secure a property that is willing and able to deliver. Look out for healthy food, workouts, ergonomics and ambiance.

Here are a few key contractual items to request during the sourcing process to help you achieve an energizing and healthful meeting.

1. Use of the health club

While searching for your ideal property, request free access and the right to use the on-premise facilities complimentary for group and group events when available. This includes after hours and pre-hour access. This is a perk you can then offer to your attendees. This also gives you the option to organize a group workout or event.

2. Chef-prepared menus and options

Request that the hotel will make every effort to accommodate food allergies, requests and special diets. Planning a healthier menu will present better choices onsite. With the help of the chef or CSM, many healthier choices can be created. We all know how to eat healthier, but if the options are not available and easy to choose, we may not be able to maximize nutrition and energy.

3. Request a wellness suite

A wellness suite can be a dedicated place to visit for a respite or to relax between meetings. Create a meditation room at your hotel that attendees can visit and create a quiet welcoming space. There are a few things to keep in mind when sourcing for this space. Look for a space away from noise and with lighting that is dimmable. Request the right to bring battery-operated candles, snacks and AV.

4. Request use of outdoor space

Nature is something that is available to access for very little effort and planning. Take advantage of the what the hotel or resort has to offer as far as outdoor amenities and space. Request meals, breaks or even meetings in outdoor spaces. Always have a backup plan, but strive to utilize the outdoors as much as possible. The great outdoors offers much-needed light exposure, providing a mood boost. Inquire about this option in the initial RFP.

These are just a few ideas to create a mindful meeting. For a full list and useful addendum, visit These strategies evolve as we as planners strive to create and deliver the healthy meetings attendees demand. Communicating with your suppliers and getting what you need is crucial to the success of your meeting. Designing, activating and managing wellness for your meeting can really boost your attendee engagement and bring a fresh approach to your meeting.

About the Author: Follow Kristina Tarantino on LinkedIn Twitter @katarantino and on Instagram at @meetinghealthy for more tips on health and wellness meeting strategies. Visit for great ideas, inspiration and tools to incorporate wellness into your next meeting! Join us at The Health & Wellness Forum May 28-May 29 Lake Lawn Resort, in Delevan, Wisconsin.



Kristina Tarantino, CMP and The Health & Wellness Forum and The Health & Wellness Forum

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