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Click here to watch the recording of the MPI CAC Fall Education Program on September 24, 2020. Use passcode j^l@*2BF 
Listen to speaker Ameerah Saine explain unconscious bias and how it impacts our day-to-day decisions. Viewers will learn how to identify the impact of unconscious bias on a personal level, organizational level and in the workplace. Plus, find out how to identify and use strategies for disrupting or reducing unconscious bias in your own life. 

Click on the links below to watch the recordings of MPI CAC NEXT '21 on March 8, 2021. 

Few of us imagined 2020 would turn out the way it did both for our industry and our entire world. As we approach the 1 year mark since the beginning of the pandemic, we are all looking to the future with a similar question: What's NEXT?

Click here for Opening & Closing Sessions

Opening Session: Maximizing Your Networking Skills to Elevate Your Career with Kaplan Mobray
Closing Session: What's NEXT for Meetings? Vaccines and the Recovery with Panelists Kortnee Cooper, M.D. & David Whitaker and Moderator Sonal Sullivan, CMP

Click below on each breakout.

What's NEXT in Hiring? Interviewing Skills and Strategies

Agility in Your Career and the Workplace

What's NEXT in Events?

Creating Binge-worthy Virtual and Hybrid Events

Mastering the Transition: Personal and Company Branding

Leading in the Unknown

Engaging Diverse Audiences and Suppliers

Insights from Virtual Event Experts: Human Centered Design in the Virtual World 


Click on the links below for session materials.

What's NEXT in Hiring - Tips

Whats NEXT for Meetings - Mar82021

Insights from Virtual Event Experts - Human Centered Design in the Virtual World

Healthy Meetings Chicago

Engaging Diverse Audiences and Suppliers - NEXT 2021

Redefining Dining: Food and Beverage Service Post COVID-19

Whether it's shared during education, networking or casually, a central point of the attendee experience is the food served at a meeting or event. With the increasing distribution of vaccines, the easing of gathering restrictions, and the arrival of warmer weather, the return of meeting, events and travel is on the horizon. With more and larger assemblies comes the need and the expectation of keeping attendees' palates satisfied, as well as prioritizing their safety. 

Watch the recording of the Spring Education program for an engaging panel exchange on the immediate future of the food and beverage industry as we look forward to meeting and traveling in the coming months.


Watch here.

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