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4 key reasons full-venue events on the rise

By: Beth Becker, MicroTek | Oct 29, 2019

MicrotekHosting an event in today’s corporate environment can be overwhelming. You can keep your planning and execution on track, however, with one overarching consideration in mind: Making an impression. Your event should send a clear, convincing message to attendees — one they will remember long after the function ends. A full-venue event, one where you take over an entire facility, gives you the flexibility needed to make that happen.

Whether you are wooing prospective clients, thanking employees, or enticing investors, you want attendees to be impressed and the event to run smoothly. A full-venue event simplifies this objective by letting you customize every aspect of the attendee experience. In addition to the wow factor, full-venue events have many practical benefits that allow you to get the most out of your selected venue.


A full-venue approach opens up new possibilities for brand building. If you think of yourself as a painter, the entire facility becomes your canvas. You can brand the venue without worry of the impact on outside groups or other customers. Full control allows you to display banners, decorations, signage and digital displays wherever makes the most sense for your event, enabling you to create an immersive, “pop-up” like experience.

In other words, the space becomes an extension of your company that looks and feels like your own venue.


Full-venue events also give you the maximum level of control, allowing you to customize every aspect of the experience and get more creative with execution. You are able to use utilize common spaces like lounges, patios and parking lots for different purposes, such as setting up an outdoor concert or large event tent. In many cases, you can also arrange extended venue access and hours, allowing for evening or even early-morning events.


The more focused your event experience, the more effective your message will be. Delivering a clear message is infinitely easier in a full-venue setting. You don’t have to worry about other guests or event hosts (especially those with different values or messaging) causing a distraction or creating a negative experience for attendees. 

You retain control over the entire guest experience, able to dictate what your attendees see, hear, and feel throughout their visit. This ensures your message will be heard, without distraction or dilution.


When crucial business information is in the mix, one should always be aware of security concerns when it comes to the prying eyes of competitors and even the general public. Full-venue events give you the level of oversight needed. You know everyone who will be in the building which helps keep your proprietary information, messaging and exclusive partner information in the right hands.

Consider a full venue for your next event

Full-venue events provide a unique way to connect attendees with your brand and give heightened control over your function, allowing you to create an experience that won’t soon be forgotten. When vetting your next potential event site, be sure to ask about the possibility of getting the whole space and what benefits it could bring to your participants.

About the Author: Beth Becker has more than 20 years’ experience in the travel, hospitality and meetings industry.  Beth works full time as the Global Meeting Services Manager for MicroTek ( focusing on high visibility, enterprise-wide training programs, meetings and events.  Active in the Meeting community, Beth currently volunteers on the MPI-CAC Marketing Committee and as moderator for MeCo (  She holds an additional role as Global Correspondent for i-Meet ( You can connect with Beth via LinkedIn.



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Beth Becker, MicroTek

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