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Feel good foods can help improve mood when working from home

By: Ellese Podlasek, Summit Chicago | May 19, 2020

FeelGoodWith a little more time on my hands for research, I’ve found foods that are great for you and that will make you feel good about yourself while working from home. Below are some of my favorites so far, and yes, I have been making banana bread weekly.

Water! Water! Water!

Water is the most important thing that you can be drinking all day. I even add flavored Propel packets to mine so that it tastes better than just plain old water. Treat yourself to a fun or trendy new water bottle – maybe a smart bottle that connects to your phone so it tracks your intake and reminds you when to drink more – and challenge yourself to finish at least 3-4 bottles. This will help you stay hydrated, awake and keep you fuller to help stop the extra snacking I know we’ve all taken on.


Nuts are great to snack on during the day while on a call or watching a webinar. They are full of protein and have three fatty acids that help boost your energy levels and will keep you filled until your next meal. While plain nuts are the more healthy option, you can really boost the flavor by oven roasting and adding seasonings. Try paprika or cayenne for a more savory taste or cinnamon and vanilla extract for a more sweet treat!


This has been my go to meal every day for lunch! Not only is it healthy and delish, but it also is so quick and easy to make. I like to toss some strawberries, goat cheese, walnuts, carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers and mix everything together to create a light but filling meal! If you’re not one for salads, try adding spinach to your morning smoothie – it’s tasteless and adds nutrients you didn’t even know you were missing. Fun fact: Spinach is like an anti-stress medication. 


These little plump berries are filled with antioxidants that keep our body working properly and reduce depression and anxiety. Blueberries are beneficial for your heart health! The abundance of  fiber helps reduce the amount of cholesterol in your bloodstream.  In the morning just throw a couple of blueberries in your smoothie, cereal or yogurt! They are perfect if you want something sweet but healthy. Another fun fact: Thanks to blueberries being filled with antioxidants (an anti-aging property), they make for a great treat for your dog! 


I’ve been living off of Kefir for the past couple of weeks and if you have never heard of it, it is a similar texture and taste to yogurt. This smoothie-like drink is filled with probiotics and protein. It helps support immunity, healthy weight, digestion, skin, mood and bone density. 

Yes, you think you might drown drinking all that water, but guess what - it’s not going to happen. No matter what, in the long run, healthy is wealthy and will make you filled with safety!  Take care of yourself as well as others, keep on staying healthy, and most of all, stay safe.

About the Author: Ellese Podlasek is new to downtown and the industry. A MPI-CAC membership grant recipient, she is excited to take advantage of all what MPI has to offer. Ellese loves being a part of a community that focuses in on education while also knows how to have fun! When she’s not at work at Summit Chicago, you can find her exploring the city with her new puppy Stella!



Ellese Podlasek, Summit Chicago
Summit Chicago

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