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September 2018 - Networking is Essential to the Soul

By: MPI Georgia | Sep 11, 2018

Neil Hibbert     Neil Hibbert, CGMP, HMCC
Director of Southeast Sales
Louisville Tourism
Member since 2016
  Louisville CVB 

Networking is Essential to the Soul

Have you ever heard the statement: It’s not who you know, but who knows you?

This statement has truth to it in many levels. Given the speed of business today, your personal brand and the way in which you connect with people is of the utmost importance. I can personally say that several of my recent career moves developed through business relationships; who knew me and what was said of me by leadership behind closed doors. I encourage you to take time to invest in your business relationships, to make people know that you value and understand them, and to do your best to avoid transactional encounters (even when you’re busy and think there is not enough time). Networking has enabled me to grow and reflect on communication skills, personal branding, and leadership development. Here are a few ideas to expand your network:

  • Join a committee or task force in your organization; allow people to see and engage with you outside of your primary role in the workplace.
  • Attend a luncheon or networking event outside of your industry in order to broaden your knowledge and contacts.
  • Connect, and more importantly, follow up. Make a point to remember key details about your interactions with new acquaintances and be sure to follow up on critical information. People value when you remember what’s important to them. 
As Tim Barrett, CMP stated last month: “make a personal connection with a name.” Invest some time at each event to connect with other members and get to know new members. In closing, your membership and participation with MPI can enhance your personal success. Let’s not underestimate the value of being visible within our organizations and the business communities we serve.


MPI Georgia

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