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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Twenty years ago, our global headquarters created the MPI Principles of Professionalism, which includes “respecting diversity”—a goal focused on fostering an inclusive business climate of respect for all people.

“By working together, we can make a difference in where we go from here, recalibrating systems of inequities across all social identities and within our workplaces to ensure accessibility, empowerment and representation. Let’s connect, learn, and engage in peace. When We Meet, We Change the World,” arm in arm, face to face and heart to heart”. - Paul Van Deventer, MPI President & CEO, 2023 

Meeting Professionals international – Georgia Chapter (MPI Georgia) is committed to raising the standard of excellence by establishing impactful and actionable goals surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The ability to welcome, listen, and understand each other’s differences is simply a foundation of the steps ahead. However, our chapter goes one step further by celebrating each other’s unique qualities. All of which bring a unique perspective to our chapter’s work ahead. We each bring diverse viewpoints and perspectives to the table. We promise that all voices will be encouraged and heard.

In today’s world, we understand that the culmination of a unified voice, which is reflective of all perspectives, is needed more than ever. Our chapter is currently aligning this goal with new opportunities to connect with underprivileged and underrepresented communities ahead. We vow to accelerate and continue evolving our efforts in a proactive, yet sustainable, approach. We are committed to partnering with our members and organizations who share the same unified goals of proper presentation and service. Together, we will demonstrate excellence and proactively make impactful changes which position us ALL for greatness collectively.   

It is an absolute honor to serve as our chapter’s first African American female president. The opportunity to be of service within this capacity is not taken lightly. I’m extremely humbled, knowing that I have been positioned by multiple generations of my ancestors fervently combating for the right of proper representation, which ultimately paved the pathway for me to continue the journey ahead.

However, I find comfort in understanding that while I’m blessed with the opportunity to break barriers, more importantly, the real work lies in ensuring long standing, diverse succession. This action will be met by positioning those behind us with an opportunity to continue the pathway ahead. Success is much more attainable when we have support. We will continue to help further define skillsets, provide unique learning opportunities alongside the most important act of service, which is encouragement.

“I am my ancestors’ wildest dream”.

- Brandan Odums, New Orleans, LA visual artist, activist, and filmmaker

I encourage you to be part of this proactive movement, by volunteering your time, talent, heart, and commitment within our chapter. We have many opportunities awaiting you ahead and look forward to being of service alongside you.

Melissa Legaux, CMP

MPI Georgia 2022-2023 President










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