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#MyMPIstory: Using Your Membership To Learn And To Lead

By: MPI Georgia | Aug 12, 2019

 meredith    Meredith Martini, MS
Founder and CEO
PlayWorks Group & meetingWorks
Former Chapter President
Current Vice President of Membership
Member since 2002


Wouldn’t we all like to have at least one area of our life where we are noticed and respected for our leadership skills and acumen? One of the sometimes-feels-like-a-secret-but-shouldn’t-be BENEFITS of membership in MPI is the opportunity to develop and grow as an industry leader. And it starts by getting involved with a committee. MPI Georgia, like most associations, is by its very nature, mostly run by volunteers. From the educational programs to the networking events, from the online publications to the chapter finances, the organization gets its power and happens because of and for the members. And really, what’s the point of any of those things if not for the members? Why have a fantastic speaker at a beautiful venue with delicious food and gorgeous centerpieces if not for the members? Not only are all the parts and results valuable to the membership, but the PROCESS is as well. Whether you are a planner or supplier, there are so many incredible ways to learn and grow as you USE your membership. Sure, you could feature the talents and skills you already have, but you can also stretch yourself and cultivate new skills.

I know #MyMPIstory is based around this very truth. In my years with MPI Georgia, I’ve sought out opportunities to try new and different things beyond my comfort zone. From serving on the communications team as an editor to chairing strategic events, I’ve always sought to use my membership to learn and to lead. You know the old saying, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. If you’re looking to get the most out of your MPI Georgia experience, to grow and learn as a person and an industry leader, JUMP IN. Join a committee, co-chair that committee the following year, recruit other volunteers, and then apply for a board position. This is truly a safe space to make mistakes, try new things, and experiment with what works. It’s in this atmosphere where you can test yourself and develop your leadership skills.

You have so many opportunities in front of you to explore. Let the membership team help you uncover your very own #MyMPIstory as you get engaged and involved. The benefits and rewards are waiting for you, and the possibilities are yours to choose.



MPI Georgia

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