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December 2018 - Amy Brandl

By: Ginger Garner, CMP | Dec 11, 2018

Amy Brandl  

Amy Brandl
Trade Show & Events Manager
Map Anything
Member since March 2018
Map Anything


Earlier this year, MPI Georgia welcomed new member, Amy Brandl. She works with MapAnything, a Location of Things platform in Salesforce that helps sales, service, and marketing teams increase revenue and boost productivity. Amy is the Trade Show and Events Manager and also produces internal and external company events. In addition to that, she is proud to manage the philanthropic aspect for MapAnything with their Pledge 1% program. Associates pledge 1% of their time to give back to the local community through volunteering. Amy is in the beginning stages of planning MapAnything's 3rd Annual Dreamforce After Party that will take place in San Francisco for one of the country’s largest tech conferences. This past year the company hosted 1,500 attendees. “Next year we are going to go bigger and better, and wow our attendees like never before.”

Amy was introduced to MPI Georgia through the Events Industry Council when she began working towards her CMP. She began her meeting industry career working as the Special Events Coordinator at Discovery Place, a science museum in Charlotte, NC. Reflecting on this opportunity, Amy remarked, “I think what made it stand out the most was that it was a museum and the meetings and events catered to so many different organizations, companies, and groups.” Having gained additional experience in the industry, she encourages others to always stay organized and current on industry changes. 

Amy is most inspired in life by Ellen DeGeneres. She is the definition of a good, kind, and caring human being and has a great attitude and spirit about life. “When I watch her show or the hundreds of YouTube clips of previous shows, it always puts a smile on my face. I have never watched an episode without laughing. Ellen puts so much time and effort into growing her brand and her business, and she takes that success and returns it to other people who she knows need it. She is an admirable person, and she makes me want to be a better person myself.”

Click here to learn more about Amy in this Q&A on the company’s website.



Ginger Garner, CMP
The College Board

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