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Member Showcase - CMP Spotlight - December 2023

By: Connie Bergeron, CMP | Dec 12, 2023





Jenell Calloway, CMP, CHA

Manager, Meetings & Events

Construction Owners Association of America


What motivated you to pursue the CMP designation?

I have always relished learning opportunities.  That’s part of the reason I pursued the CMP designation.  I believe that by attaining the CMP designation, I am better positioned to contribute meaningfully to the success of the events industry and uphold the highest standards in this dynamic and rewarding profession.

How did participation in the CMP Study Group support your studying to take the exam?

The CMP Study group was not only a Study Group, but it was a bond between individuals from different facets of the Meetings & Events industry.  By sharing perspectives, it made studying beneficial and not as intimidating.

How did you feel when you saw the words "You Passed”?

When I saw the word “You Passed” 15 Years ago, I felt a weight lifted from my shoulder!  All my hard work and countless hours of reviewing information paid off!

What benefits have you experienced as a result of having your CMP?

One benefit I’ve experienced as a result of having my CMP is “Professional Recognition”, it’s a mark of professionalism and expertise.  I also feel employers definitely value people who demonstrate a dedication to continuous life-long learning.  It has been important to me to recertify every 5 years to ensure I retain the CMP designation.

Does having your CMP designation enhance your position as a knowledgeable industry expert?

Yes, having my CMP designation has significantly enhance my career as a knowledgeable industry expert.  Best Practices are important to me, and as a CMP I emphasize industry best practices and ethical standards. By adhering to these practices, I can demonstrate a commitment to delivering high-quality events while maintaining professional integrity.  

Do you find information you learned while studying to take the exam helpful in your positions since earning your CMP and are you able to use some of the formulas, etc., to help your and your clients' meetings go well?

A lot of the information I gained from studying for the CMP I have used, and am using, while planning events. I use all of the formulas to better help my organization stay within meeting budgets and calculate accurate registration cost.

Reflecting on the time since you achieved the CMP designation, was it a good use of your time and resources to take that step?

Yes, the CMP designation was a very good use of my time and resources as it has aligned me with my career goals and has positively impacted my life.  I’ve met so many awesome people along the way and learned so much from them.  It definitely was a good use of my time, and I encourage anyone who meets the requirements to apply to take the CMP Exam to sign up for the MPI Georgia Chapter’s CMP Study Group.

For more information on the CMP designation and MPI Georgia Chapter's CMP Study Group that meets on Zoom, click on the link below.  The next Study Group will begin on January 16, 2024.





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Connie Bergeron, CMP

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