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Member Showcase - CMP Spotlight - October 2023

By: Connie Bergeron, CMP | Oct 10, 2023





Jennifer Smith, CMP

Jennifer Smith, National Sales Director| San Diego Tourism Authority


What motivated you to pursue the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation?

I am fortunate to work for an organization, the San Diego Tourism Authority, that supports its employees to pursue education experiences that will enhance our jobs and careers.  At the encouragement of my then boss, I pursued the CMP designation, to educate myself on the meeting planning profession, from the planner’s perspective, as well as to gain the respect of the planners and hotels with whom I work by knowing more details of planning meetings from more than just a seller’s eye.

How did participation in the CMP Study Group support your studying to take the exam? 

Furthering one’s education as an adult while working full time and having family responsibilities can be an impossible feat without the right support.  Working and studying with industry colleagues and peers was crucial in helping me pass the exam.  Not only was I accountable to myself but also to my study group partners.  I was never tempted to slack off as I did not want to disappoint them or let them down.  

How did you feel when you saw the words "You Passed"?

Ecstatic and relieved!

What benefits have you experienced as a result of having your CMP? 

I have been able to participate in CMP only sessions and networking at various industry events.  As a sales professional, it has also been great in prospecting.  It helps create a connection with planners through our common bond of the designation.

Does having your CMP designation enhance your position as a knowledgeable industry expert?  

Absolutely!  The knowledge gained from studying for and obtaining the CMP designation helps me decipher RFPs and understand what meetings fit where in reality, not just on paper.  

Do you find information you learned while studying to take the exam helpful in your positions since earning your CMP and are you able to use some of the formulas, etc., to help your meetings go well? 

Yes. Those formulas are especially helpful if I receive an RFP that is not as detailed as it may need to be for my hotel partners to bid.

Reflecting on the time since you achieved the CMP designation, was it a good use of your time and resources to take that step? 

It was such a good use of time and resources that I have renewed it twice, and I make sure I keep up with CE credits to continue renewing forever!  

What words of encouragement would you have for future CMP candidates?  

Join the study group!  This is such an awesome resource offered through our MPI Georgia Chapter, and if you give 100% to the process, you will gain so much in return and should have no problem seeing those word “You Passed” in your own journey to your CMP designation.  

***For more information on the Certified Meeting Professional designation or regarding MPI Georgia Chapter's next CMP Study Group which will begin in early 2024, please email Connie Bergeron,CMP Fellow, at and Gregg Lauer, CMP, at




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Connie Bergeron, CMP

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