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Fall Classic - Silent Auction Edition

By: Paulette Hopkins | Oct 10, 2022

All About the 2022 Fall Classic Silent Auction Committee

As we continue our informative features on the annual Fall Classic, a popular MPI Georgia event, we are excited to share that Joel Miller, with Button It Up Photo Booths, and Chad Casey, with Casey Transportation, are teamed up as the Silent Auction Co-Chairs. The Silent Auction is a highlight of the event. There is always a buzz at the auction table during the reception following the day of bocce, golf, and networking. Participants and guests are busy bidding on the outstanding items that the Committee worked tirelessly to get donated.  

Joel joined MPI GA in 2017 after discovering that most of his clients were members. He had enough foresight to know he would have a great reason to connect with them on another level and meet new clients. Button It Up is a small company, and Joel mentioned that he enjoys his close relationship with his clients, which makes working much more fun. 

Joel immediately gravitated to the Fall Classic because of his love of golf and his desire to meet new people who may be unable to attend luncheons or other networking events associated with MPI Georgia. In 2019 and 2020, he was the Co-Chair of the Fall Classic, making him feel like “one of the cool kids” in MPI. Chuckling, he admitted he knew he wasn’t, but since everyone likes Joel, no one burst his bubble. LOL!

Since 2020, he took a break, caught up with his business after Covid, and was happily recruited back by his old Co-Chair, Peter Schmidt, to run the silent auction. Again, Joel is quoted as, “I told him he had the wrong number, but he didn’t fall for that. If you know Peter, then you know he does not accept the word no...that was not in the cards”.   

Once we read the objectives of these two business owners, the co-chair partnership seems to have evolved from fate. Chad has been an MPI Georgia member for 10 years and the transportation sponsor for 5 years; he has a passion for golf and decided last year to become more active in MPI Georgia with a volunteer request for the Fall Classic. As anyone knows who chooses to become more involved in the Chapter, Chad has met more members and developed good friendships with people on the Committee. The following quote says it all. “Getting to know committee members has been a plus; however, working with Joel has been an honor. I am very happy I was selected to be a Co-Chair with Joel for the silent auction”.   By the way, Joel and Chad did not know each other before their roles on the Silent Auction committee. From our conversation Friday, I thought they had been friends for a long time. Another example of how important it is to become involved in MPI Georgia.  

“My one condition was that they provide a planner to be my partner.”  Joel thought no one would turn down or say no to a planner or a potential client.”   That backfired, and Chad became his partner instead of a planner. Of course, all this was said in jest. Fortunately, Chad was up for the challenge and has made it his mission to make this the best silent auction yet (actually, it was to make the most money, but that doesn’t sound as good). The third leg of this strong tripod is Hannah Baber.  

Joel has loved working with Chad and Hannah. A solid, involved team with an “exceed expectations” objective. Joel, Chad, and Hannah...quite the TRIO! Joel said it best when he said “I can’t imagine not being involved with an MPI Georgia committee or event. It has connected me to so many members, and I’m glad that list now includes Chad.”



Paulette Hopkins
The Hopkins Alliance

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