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Member Showcase- November 2022

By: Paulette Hopkins | Nov 8, 2022


team-amelia-davies            Amelia Davies
Sales Manager
Classic Tents & Events

Amelia Davies and I first met when we worked at the World of Coca-Cola a few years ago. I was working with the events team, and Amelia was one of my favorite Ambassadors in the venue. She always volunteered to work the evening events, and we discussed her interest in the hospitality industry. So, as you can imagine, I was thrilled when Amelia joined MPI Georgia and got very involved. I hope you enjoy Amelia's story...

Many of us are interested in how one gets involved in MPI Georgia and why? The connection for Amelia was from the President of Classic Tents & Events, Steven Eisenstein, who encouraged her to be a part of MPI Georgia by attending some networking luncheons. He has always been a significant influence when it came to making friends and getting to know peers in the industry.

Why did you choose hospitality? I have always been one to help people. I like to jump in and be a part of the solution. The hospitality industry, in my experience, is all about creative problem-solving. Regardless of the role you play in executing an event, function, or plan, everyone has the same goal. Teamwork to the extreme!

How did you get into the hospitality industry?  I have been a Sales Manager with Classic Tents & Events for 5 years. Previously, I was an Event Manager with Stone Mountain Park Special Events. I was looking for a change, to learn new things in the event industry, and Classic Tents seemed a great fit. I haven't looked back since! It's amazing to think about everything I've learned in the industry over the last 8 years.

How has your association with MPI Georgia enhanced you, personally and professionally.? Surprisingly, I'm kind of a shy person at first, but volunteering more with MPI Georgia has helped me meet more people in the industry in a fun atmosphere. I was always on the outskirts of the events attending as a member, but not really participating. Taking the plunge as a volunteer and co-chair for the Fall Classic has helped push me into the fray! As a result, I will now know at least a handful of people at each of the functions I attend and will diversify my professional connections outside of my niche of tenting.

What's one of your most unique personal or work accomplishments?  If you have both a personal and a professional accomplishment you want to share, please do. In our business, we don't often say no. If we have to say no, we always follow it up with "no, but let's do this instead"… I have mastered the skill of guiding my clients through the tent planning process, and they rely on me to be the expert in my field. My biggest accomplishment is now empowering members of my team to be able to do the same.



Paulette Hopkins
The Hopkins Alliance

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