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Member Showcase - May 2023

By: Paulette Hopkins | May 10, 2023


Dee Mittman
Convention Sales Manager
Visit Virginia Beach

Dee, Where did you grow up?

I was raised in Greensboro, NC where we love ACC Basketball, BBQ, and Cheerwine.

How did you decide to get into the hospitality business?

I was in-between jobs. I had just left a sports marketing agency, and my uncle, who has his own business, needed a venue for his company holiday party. While doing a site at a hotel in the area, the Director of Sales let me know they were short of an events coordinator. I asked her if the position was open, sent my resume, and the rest is history. I came to that hotel as an events coordinator, worked my way up to Director of Catering, and resigned after spending 7 years at the hotel as the Director of Sales.

How did you choose the Convention and Visitors Bureau?

After working at a hotel for many years, I was presented an opportunity to join the Greensboro CVB. This position would allow me a better work and life balance for my family and me. It was an awesome opportunity to sell my hometown to the nation and such a great starting point for me in the DMO industry. I then took a leap of faith with a few good nudges from a high-powered individual and joined the Virginia Beach CVB team. Virginia Beach is where I can always stick my toes in the sand and hear the ocean waves year-round.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love sharing the unknown about Virginia Beach to the hospitality industry, as well as meeting so many interesting planners and suppliers. There really is no other industry where we can connect the way we do, travel the country selling our destinations, and get paid.

What are your least favorite aspects?

Not to sound like a broken record, but COVID was my least favorite part. We are an industry of face-to-face connections and not having that during that time was rough. I love my industry folks and I am a hugger too!

How did you become a social media guru?

I am a guru to some, but just a cool mom who can do a little something in the social media world. I used an interest I enjoyed in my free time, and through being challenged by the MPI Georgia Board Communications team (i.e., Lance 😉) I fine tuned my skills. I am competitive and always want the best in everything I do. With that being said, I made it a point to follow other associations and organizations to see what they were doing to stand out in the social world, and I put those practices into play for the MPI Georgia chapter looking for our chapter to be the one to follow in the industry.

What does your job entail vs your volunteerism gig?

I am the Convention Sales Manager for the Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau. I work with corporate, diversity, and some association groups to host their conventions in Virginia Beach. There are many differences between my full-time job and volunteering with the chapter since I am a salesperson. What is similar and beneficial is that this chapter has helped me fine-tune my marketing and creative skills. Thanks to the MPI Georgia chapter, I have the tools to create creative presentations for the chapter, clients, and other marketing collateral.

Are you supported well with your volunteerism vs real job?

Yes! I am supported and I am blessed to work for an employer who encourages me to give back to the chapter. I have been serving the chapter for almost 5 years. I have worked with several individuals in various roles, and I truly believe we have an outstanding chapter.  I cannot tell you how far the words “We appreciate you” go being a volunteer.

Why did you decide to join MPI Georgia? (I AM SOOO happy you are in our chapter.)

I joined this chapter because of having the corporate market and some associations. The Atlanta area has a plethora of corporate and association groups that I have worked with to come to my destination. With me also having the diversity market, it has allowed me to network in this area. Honestly, I wanted to give back to this industry and network, which is why I volunteer and serve on a committee. Just being a part of the chapter was not enough. I have enjoyed getting to know several members over the years and it’s all due to me serving on a committee.



Paulette Hopkins
The Hopkins Alliance

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